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7 Things to Know About DFILE in 2020


The name DFILE was not chosen by chance, initially the idea was to make DeFile like DeFi, but realizing that the transcription and meaning in some languages ​​can scare away: they chose to abandon the letter “e”.


DFILE is the token for DeNet.Storage, DeNet.Storage is part of the overall DeNet development founded in 2017. During the Bull Run, DeNet focused on working with companies (B2B market segment)

The goal of launching DFILE is to enter the consumer, not only storage, but also application market.


DFILE was not created to collect investment from users!

Each DFILE token is issued from DNET tokens, with both tokens remaining with the user.

The DNET token has never been transferred or exchanged, since the launch it was in the pause state.

This does not mean that we are closed for investments, but only possible for professional investors. For more information, please contact or


Vesting is needed not only in order to launch a token on Uniswap / Mooniswap and maintain its liquidity. During the first 12 months, DeNet releases products such as AppMarket, Storage Client, Storage Node, S3 Provider, which will allow you to get users with tokens for these products.

What does DFILE have now?

DeNet.Node is an application for mining, but now it is in the b2b version, after launch it will be available in b2c format for mining the DFILE token (leasing Storage to everyone), and at the next stage for mining absolutely any token
Current system requirements do not exceed 50 MB of RAM for 256–512 GB of leased space.

DeNet.Storage — Web version aka Dropbox analog, works conveniently and stably in modern browsers, can work with DeNet.FS (file system), sharing folders and files, internal token exchanger on eth, setting the number of copies, blacklist of nodes and other parameters …

DeNet.WebDav Client-Server — An application that runs on any device for easy access to files and folders. Allows you to enter DeNet.Storage as in a regular folder on your computer, currently duplicates all Storage functions, except for Sharing.

Denet.P2P Payments [coming soon] — The system of internal payments, works through digital signatures and off-chains between nodes and users, allows you to reduce or completely eliminate commissions


DeNet does not need its own blockchain, this is due to the fact that there is no reason to load miners and users, its own blockchain and any connection to it increases the cost and complexity for the entry of new participants into the ecosystem, besides, using the Ethereum blockchain opens up the opportunity to pay for the services of miners DeNet with any token, while there is no direct dependence on the blockchain.

App Market — App Store

at DeNet, we have come to the conclusion that the economic model for miners and users should not only be very profitable, with a low entry threshold, but also have subsequent engagement.
This means that by coming to DFILE, the user comes to the same ecosystem that he is used to using in everyday life.

For developers and startups, this is a new market for their software, and S3 Provider and WebDav will be convenient for them, which make it faster and easier to transfer a centralized application to a decentralized environment, and Web3 application developers no longer need to think about where to get Storage for their products.

For Open Source developers, it becomes profitable to make and maintain open source software, since from the use of Storage applications, the developer will receive referral deductions or commissions. Without the need for direct monetization.




Decentralized Storage & DeNet File Token

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