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Who and how can make money on DFILE part 3

We at DFILE planned a series of posts about the product, and started with the Announcement, in the following articles , we will analyze how and who can earn.

Long-Term Horizon 12+ Months

The main group of long-term investors:

  • Early DNET/DFILE investors
  • Developers
  • Miners

Application developers are software investors in the DeNet network, and since all users pay for storage, the application developer receives 15% of the amount of tokens that the user spends to store this application. For example, if a developer has created an application for video editing with storage in DeNet, he will receive 15% of the money spent on storage. These can be both internal App Market applications in DeNet, and any external applications that will store data on the DeNet network. Developers will additionally receive a bonus in the form of staking on the turnover of payments within their applications.

Miners, in addition to earning money on storage, by this time will be able to become Lightning nodes for making fast payments outside the Ethereum network, for paying for services in the DeNet network, simple transfers or external applications. The commission that the node will receive will be paid in DFILE tokens (conditionally as fuel for transactions), or the node itself will be able to set the commission in percentages of the token. Also, the miner will receive a staking bonus to the turnover through his node.

Early investors at this stage can sell part of their tokens to users or miners, or join the groups above themselves.

It is important to understand that any token owner can both belong to one group or to all, depending on how much he believes in the company and what interests him more at different periods of time. We recommend distributing investments in the following proportions: 5–15% for the first stage, 5–15% for the second stage and 10–15% for the third, and keep the rest for as long as possible in order to receive “dividends “ from the decentralized network.

As a result, everyone chooses for himself whether to buy tokens now from DeNet (DNET), or buy them at the time of placement on Uniswap at a higher price. And after that start farming.

If you still have questions, ask them in the telegram chat @DFIleToken. To participate in the private sale DeNet, write to or ask a question in the chat.

If you have not read it yet, we recommend that you read — Horizon “Start” 1–2 months and Horizon “Medium” 3–6 months

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Decentralized Storage & DeNet File Token

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