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Why DFILE is most profitable storage mining?

DFILE (DeNet.Storage) is a product released by DeNet that solves the problem of distributed storage, AWS S3 in a decentralized network. More details can be found in the company’s blog

Hardware requirements

DFILE has no strict hardware requirements, all that is needed is free disk space and a stable network connection.
The rating both within the region and the general one depends on the speed of response, download / upload and uptime. Therefore, it is not scary if you are in Europe, and the ping from the East or West is high, in which case your customers will be users from your region and for them your rating will be higher than for the rest.

Low entry cost

If you look at Filecoin, then the very recent exit of storage miners from Filecoin caused the unreasonable cost of the token, miners are afraid of losing funds on the collapse of the overvalued rate.

In the case of DFILE, miners must make a deposit equal to the amount of the storage contract. The storage contract, in turn, can have the following properties:

  • Iterative (yes / no)
  • Iteration count per contract
  • Storage duration
  • Storage cost GB / hour
  • Download cost per GB
  • Upload cost per GB

Thus, the miner can replenish / earn a deposit gradually, reducing the risks for himself.

High liquidity and stability of the token

Although this segment is still in development, the miner can choose any token convenient for him on the Ethereum network in which it is convenient for him to accept payment for renting disk space, or divide the payment into different tokens, for example, by renting out 30% of the capacity for USDT, 30% for DFILE and 40% in any other ERC-20 token.

This, in turn, allows you to choose an “investment” strategy for the miner, work only with stable tokens, or with potentially growing assets.

DFILE does not have its own blockchain

During the b2b testing period, we came to the conclusion that the technology can work perfectly without its own blockchain. This in turn frees miners from having to mine additional blockchain instead of just storing data.

All that is required is to have a connection with blockchain providers or, for some nodes, store the last 50 blocks of the Ethereum blockchain to check other people’s proofs.

In DFILE, miners will earn more

Denet.Storage motivates ordinary users to store as much data as possible, we wrote about this in the previous article. This means that reliable miners will always have data storage contracts, and the development of the App Market will allow us to occupy the AWS S3 niche, thereby increasing the demand for regional data storage.

Low transaction fees

For miners and users, we integrate L2 networks, primarily zkSync, which allows us to reduce the cost of one transaction to $ 0.001

We invite miners to leave a request in a private chat for personal communication with the project team. The active participation of miners is important and necessary for the development of the product, be more decisive!
Form for entering into private chat for miners:



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