DFINITY Foundation Awards First $1M in Developer Grants

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4 min readAug 17, 2021


Meet the first developer and entrepreneur grantees that are building dapps, tooling, and infrastructure on the Internet Computer.

The Internet Computer blockchain has seen the rapid growth of a developer community whose dapps and services have already attracted nearly 250,000 users since the network’s launch.

On May 25, the DFINITY Foundation announced the DFINITY Developer Grant Program to catalyze the growth of the Internet Computer ecosystem and support the building of dapps, tooling, and infrastructure on the network. Today, we’re introducing the program’s first grantees.

  • The Developer Grant Program has awarded over $1 million in funding to 60 developer and entrepreneur teams building on the Internet Computer, adding them to an ecosystem of hundreds of projects that are running on the Internet Computer.
  • The ongoing program is accepting applications at dfinity.org/grants. If you have a great idea and a committed team, apply now. Here are tips for writing the perfect application.
  • Focus areas for the grant program are: (1) dapps and open internet services, (2) canister development kits (CDKs) and agents, (3) developer tooling, (4) infrastructure, and (5) integrations and APIs.
  • Grants are awarded in tiers of $5,000, $25,000, and $100,000.
  • The program supports developers and entrepreneurs across the globe.

Here’s a list of the 60 recipients of the first $1 million in grants, and a bit about the projects:

  • Aedile: Project management dapp. $25,000
  • Agryo: Global risk intelligence for agriculture. $25,000
  • AstroX: Dart developer tools and “mini apps” framework. $25,000
  • Bauction: Decentralized and transparent auction platform. $25,000
  • BlueBird: On-chain transformation of user-generated rich media content. $25,000
  • Blockchain at Berkeley: DAO prototype that allows participants to nominate developers for grant funding. $25,000
  • Canlista: A canister directory to find, publish, and extend applications with the goal of aiding in composability. $25,000
  • ChainIDE: Motoko IDE with sample dapps. $25,000
  • Checkrr: Decentralized fact checking protocol. $25,000
  • Civol: Asynchronous video conversation platform enabling decentralized discourse, debate, and collective decision-making. $25,000
  • Content Fly: Content marketplace connecting high-quality creators with brands. $25,000
  • crowdEats: Restaurant review dapp with social and reward components. $5,000
  • CrowdRecords.com: Decentralized economy for creating music. $5,000
  • Data App Development Platform: Low code platform that enables engineering teams build data apps and workflows. $25,000
  • Dbox: Spam-free inbox for Internet Computer dapp developers to communicate directly with their users. $25,000
  • DeckDeckGo: Presentations on the Internet Computer. $25,000
  • Deland: Fungible Token Standard and DeFi components. $5,000
  • DevNull: Social platform for software developers. $5,000
  • DFinance: Foundational DeFi components for the Internet Computer. $25,000
  • Difibase: “Database” solution for the Internet Computer. $5,000
  • DooCoins: A task-based rewards platform for kids. $5,000
  • DSCI: Social network for academics. $25,000
  • Economia: Incentive protocol that allows users to leverage their social networks to complete and monetize tasks. $5,000
  • Exponent: EXT Token Standard and DEX prototype. $25,000
  • IC Drive: Decentralized file storage and sharing. $25,000
  • IC Video: Decentralized video conferencing. $25,000
  • ic.rocks: A collection of developer tools for understanding activity and transactions on the Internet Computer. $25,000
  • ic_tools_dart: Dart agent to help support Flutter dapps on the Internet Computer. $5,000
  • ICME: A no-code website builder. $25,000
  • ICP123: Ecosystem page built on the Internet Computer. $5,000
  • ICPlaces: Virtual reality prototype. $5,000
  • ICPmaps: Open Maps, GIS data on the Internet Computer. $25,000
  • ICPmeet: Decentralized dating app. $25,000
  • ICPunks: CryptoPunks clone on the Internet Computer. $25,000
  • ICPSwap: Decentralized exchange infrastructure for the Internet Computer. $25,000
  • Klever.io: Non-custodial wallet support of ICP utility tokens. $25,000
  • LEARND: Learning and rewards platform with Internet Computer courses and content. $5,000
  • Matoken: NFT access control and storage. $5,000
  • ModClub: Decentralized user generated content (UGC) moderation service, to integrate with existing Internet Computer dapps. $25,000
  • Motoko School: Internet Computer learning and rewards platform. $5,000
  • Motoko Playground: Community-driven UI / UX enhancements. $5,000
  • MugaTunes: Music curation and NFT platform. $25,000
  • My Status: Social media dapp for sharing short daily status updates. $5,000
  • Nuance: Decentralized blogging platform. $25,000
  • Open Assessment Platform: Open source question editor and renderer for in-dapp assessments. $5,000
  • Orb: OpenStreetMap for the Internet Computer. $5,000
  • Perun Channels on the Internet Computer: Perun state channels on the Internet Computer. $25,000
  • Photos: Photo sharing and storage dapp. $25,000
  • PORTAL: Live streaming app with WebRTC. $25,000
  • QR Gallery: Connected NFT experiences with a Poland-based art gallery. $5,000
  • Saga Tarot: Tarot game on the Internet Computer, with the goal of becoming like Hearthstone or MTG Arena. $25,000
  • SHELF: “Phygital” streaming service using NFTs. $25,000
  • SkyDocs: Real-time document collaboration and storage. $25,000
  • Smart contract assets within the metaverse: Integration of canister smart contracts into existing enterprise metaverse platform. $25,000
  • Supra-Oracles: Oracle prototype on the Internet Computer. $5,000
  • Texas: Suite of card games. $5,000
  • Triip: A decentralized, sustainable travel co-op. $25,000
  • Unite: Community organizing dapp. $5,000
  • Waterslide: Building the first Liquity front end on the Internet Computer. $5,000
  • WeAct.chat: Social activism dapp designed to support communication, collaboration, and crowdsourcing of work. $25,000

The DFINITY Developer Grants Program is accepting applications at dfinity.org/grants.


Start building at smartcontracts.org and join our developer community at forum.dfinity.org.



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