FP DAO and MODCLUB Test Proof of Humanity Cross-Canister Collaboration for Pineapple Punks NFTs

PoH is an element of MODCLUB’s service suite that allows Internet Computer wallet addresses to prove that they belong to a human.

Significance of this Collaboration

NFT sales are notorious for being gamed by bots that are capable of purchasing entire collections in the same time it takes a human to buy a single unit. The NFT world has largely just accepted this as part of the game — even the fungible token world treats bot buys as an inevitable nuisance. But luckily the Internet Computer already has a budding solution that’s surprisingly human.

MODCLUB is a decentralized content moderation platform running on the Internet Computer. Dapps that require moderation can outsource this need to the community of peers on MODCLUB that are paid in tokens to review and pass judgment on the content in question. The MODCLUB platform is built completely on-chain. All functionality from frontend to backend is hosted on the IC in order to achieve a fully decentralized solution.

A few weeks ago, the Flower Power DAO released a Core Motion Proposal for exploring avenues that can prevent bot buys of the Pineapple Punks. Interest proved sufficient, with 65% participation and a 50:15 ratio voting in favor of testing the MODCLUB solution for this purpose. And so the team spent the last few weeks setting up a test. That option is now live, and a one-week testing period is currently underway for MODCLUB’s Proof of Humanity (PoH), as well as the one-week vote for the final decision to be deployed at launch.

PoH is one element of MODCLUB’s service suite that allows IC wallet addresses to prove that they belong to a human. For FP DAO, it means that every community member will be granted an equal opportunity in purchasing Pineapple Punks.

The real beauty of this collaboration is in the technical setup. Many DFINITY OGs will recognize it as the original dream of ICP. The Web2 Internet is a single public network created by thousands of private networks connected via TCP/IP. The Web2 limitations we techies like to fuss about is that tapping into one of those private proprietary networks leaves you powerless if they decide to change the rules or otherwise take advantage of whatever you use it to build. The Web3 Internet we opt for is one of autonomous software and permanent APIs connecting thousands of trustless connections between public networks via Internet Computer Protocol.

MODCLUB and FP DAO each have their own canister fleet. In this collaboration, they interact with each other in a trustless fashion. While this is commonplace for user<>canister interactions, it’s only just beginning in applications between canisters. It’s a significant technical achievement that involves two canisters communicating in SaaS fashion; using canister calls, callbacks, and status checks working with gigabytes of data. Neither MODCLUB nor FP DAO gives up the autonomy of their canisters in the process. In short, it’s an early proof-of-concept for the dream of Web3.

We encourage you to do the test to see if things go smoothly, share any problems encountered so we can fix them, and go vote if you hold a BTC flower or an ETH Flower. Step-by-step instructions appear in the following section. If this proposal is accepted, we’ll proceed by providing the first 3,753 wallets that complete PoH one guaranteed slot for a 5ICP Punk purchase at launch on July 31. This slot will be granted in addition to any existing airdrop or whitelist rights already tied to your wallet.

Process Flow

Here’s how you can participate in our test run if you’d like to get familiar with the process and ensure there are no hiccups.

  1. Begin at https://tsa2m-jaaaa-aaaae-qac3q-cai.ic0.app/ and sign in with your wallet.

2. Click “Start PoH” to be redirected to MODCLUB.

3. Login with MODCLUB and follow the steps to complete the challenges. These will sometimes require a pen, paper, camera, and microphone.

For the drawing challenge, make sure you click the “CROP” button to proceed to the next stage (see Screenshot below).

After submitting the challenges, which should take about a minute, click “Back to App.”

4. Click on “Check Status” to confirm submission.

5. Sit back and relax. 😊

Registering Multiple Wallets

This process can only be done once per wallet. It is of course possible for anyone to do this across wallets, and purchase slots will keep being granted for PoH-approved wallets until all 3,753 of the remaining Punks have found a home. This may of course lead to some people getting more than one slot, but every human has the same opportunity to do this. Here are the alternative steps for those looking to register multiple wallets:

  • Log out of the previous wallet on the whitelisting app and log in with a fresh wallet. This is because you can’t whitelist a principal twice and at the same time and you can’t tie one principal to multiple MODCLUB accounts.
  • When logging in to MODCLUB in step 3, make sure you use a fresh principal as well. This is because you can’t tie multiple principals to the same MODCLUB account, as this would mean you would get multiple whitelist spots but only completed PoH once. Preferably the principal you use to log in with MODCLUB is the same one you used to log in to the whitelist app. This could be achieved by using the same Plug account for both websites.
  • Repeat the above steps for every new wallet you want to whitelist. You don’t need to keep track of the Stoic wallets, Plug wallets, or internet identities you use to log in to MODCLUB, the only thing that matters is that you have access to the wallet you use to log in to the whitelist app.

Right now, this is just a test run to see if the community encounters fixable problems before the real deal. Pending the acceptance of Proposal #36, we’ll release an official date the official link will be posted with ample notice. On launch day each whitelisted group will have around 24 hours to claim their spot, ETH Flowers first, PoH participating wallets second. More details will follow in the launch blog. See you there. :)



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