Internet Computer Updates: Motoko Mechs Airdrop, ICRC-1 Token Standard, and Community Fund Design

A digest of the latest developments within the Internet Computer ecosystem and ICP community.

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ICP Ecosystem



  • Ludo announces upcoming collaboration with Clown Skateboards and Banksy Official.
  • The WAGMI Dystopian Club is in NY for a little protesting and preparing for their upcoming launch.
  • MetaSports: The Road to a 3D Playable Basketball Game featuring NFT Avatars.
  • Team Bonsai has been helping IC Whiskers build their dapp and launch their NFTs.
  • Vizmotor shares that the first 3D NFT animated series is more than 65% ready.
  • IC Bunny shares teaser of upcoming McDominic’s Burgers; order with $carrots.
  • Mfers Fork event coming to C3 Protocol: Prize Pool, more than 100 ICP to win.
  • Meet the Champions interview from Catalyze with EgidoVal.
  • D-City shares a preview of their Business NFTs with a Police Department.
  • Checkout a concept drawing from IC Dinos for their upcoming Dino Survival game.
  • MemeCake is starting to add IC projects to their multi-chain marketplace.
  • IC Bunnies shares some impressive usage stats for their $carrots utility token.
  • Learn more about the upcoming 3D Puzzles drop and the participation requirements.
  • Beta marketplace for Cosmicraft assets is ready.
  • Dfinity Dragonz has officially transferred ownership of their project to members of the community.
  • Try the new IC Pets Launchpad on Plethora Game with trampolines, treadmills, booster gates and more.

Recently Minted

  • Boxy Girls have been dropped on
  • Human Abstract Expressionism is minting on Yumi.
  • IC Lands Trains are minting on Entrepot.

Upcoming Mints

  • Launch date confirmed for Orblings; Aug 31 on Entrepot.
  • BossBricks on Entrepot.

Open Governance Proposals

  1. Proposal for a Crypto Is Good named neuron
  2. Proposal to add KnownNeuron — Anvil

Recent Governance Proposals

  1. The ICRC-1 fungible token standard
  2. Community fund | Design proposal


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