Front Re-imagines Email

by the DFJ Team

We are delighted to announce today that DFJ has co–invested alongside Sequoia Capital in a $66 million Series B financing in Front, the shared inbox for teams.

Over the past two decades, DFJ has sought to identify opportunities to improve the way enterprises collaborate and communicate — starting all the way back in the late 90’s with Hotmail, and continuing through more recent years with investments in cloud-based leaders like Box, Yammer, Twilio, and Outreach, among others.

Continuing this theme, Front’s vision to re-imagine email and improve the way enterprises interact with their customers through a collaborative, shared inbox experience resonated with our team. Prior to using Front, teams that used common inboxes (e.g. support@, help@) faced challenges coordinating communication.

Incumbent solutions either couldn’t scale with large teams, required heavy integrations, or delivered messages that were dull and impersonal.

Additionally, the same customer query might be responded to twice, inconsistently, or sometimes not at all. Finally, teams would often have to toggle between their email inbox and platforms like Salesforce to understand the full context of a customer’s situation before responding to a query.

With Front, teams can seamlessly see activity across all of their communication channels, including email, social media, and live chat along with leading business apps like Salesforce and JIRA in one integrated platform. This gives Front users the ability to have complete visibility and context when communicating, without ever having to leave their inboxes.

Over 2,500 companies such as HubSpot, Shopify, LVMH, General Assembly, and onefinestay have chosen to use Front across a diverse array of use cases including customer support, client services, sales, operations, and IT.
Front Co-founders Mathilde Collin, CEO, and Laurent Perrin, CTO

In addition to the massive global problem Front is tackling, and the tremendous growth the company has demonstrated, one of the most exciting parts of this investment is the opportunity to work with Mathilde Collin, CEO and co-founder, along with the immensely talented team at Front.

We are also thrilled to be working alongside Sequoia Capital as well as our good friends at Uncork Capital and Y Combinator who invested in the company prior to this round.

Currently, Front is used across 88 countries with 353 million messages processed last year, seven million comments to teammates in app, and 8,500 automated workflows created within inboxes. If your team has been looking for an answer to email, you should give Front a try and join the hundreds of thousands of highly engaged users!

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