Inside DFJ

Come inside DFJ and see why we strive to give others the space to dream.

Take a tour of DFJ’s Space Collection with DFJ partner and avid space collector Steve Jurvetson. Humankind’s noblest passions are reflected in those who forged their dreams of space exploration into realities.

I can tell you, every entrepreneur who comes through here is like, “Wow!”
— Steve Jurvetson on reactions to the space artifacts at DFJ

DFJ’s Space Collection includes rocket engines and instrument panels from the Apollo era as well as several flown artifacts from the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs. It may be the largest private collection of flown Lunar Module components. These objects flew to the lunar surface, and were detached from the lunar landers and brought back by the Apollo astronauts, contrary to protocol. The collection also includes artifacts from the Russian space program and futuristic prototypes from DFJ’s portfolio.

For extended descriptions, photos, and information on additional artifacts see DFJ’s Space Collection

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