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Call for dForce Governor

dForce DAO is fully community-driven, the community and DF holders drive major protocol changes across the dForce network.

The launch of DF Staking, particularly the introduction to veDF (lock-up staking), allows DF holders who lock up their DF to delegate their voting rights to governors of their chosen. We believe this is a great step forward to empower the community by opening up comprehensive governance, and welcome experts from different domains to participate in dForce governance. Through DF delegation, experts can leverage their expertise and reputation to vote on behalf of DF token holders with their delegated voting power.

To this end, we would like to summon dForce Governor from the dForce community and beyond, to participate in dForce governance. This is a fully decentralized, open, and permission-less — veDF holders can delegate their voting power to any governor they believe is a good fit. This is not mandatory, but for those who are interested in serving as a dForce Governor and want to win over the trust from your DF delegates, you are expected to:

  • Engage in governance related discussions in different communication channels of dForce (Forum, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, etc).
  • Carry out proposal reviews.
  • Vote on the topics discussed in the forum.
  • Attend community related calls for updates.
  • Explore opportunities to actively contribute to the dForce community.

How to Become a dForce Governor?

Anyone can apply and become a dForce Governor — it is fully open and permissionless. Please also be reminded that this is a non-paid role. For those who feel like they would be a good fit, please introduce yourself (Ethereum address + personal profile) to the dForce community by @dForcenet on Twitter or replying to this post and help us to get to know you!

There will be no review or vesting process, as long as you post your ETH address (or ENS), and you give a good introduction about yourself, the rest are all in the hand of veDF holders.

dForce governors will have a channel on discord for related discussions.

We welcome you to join our community to participate in related discussions.

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