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dForce 2022 Recap


Product Development

  • Revamped dForce Tokenomics to align DF token value accrual more closely with protocol adoption and TVL growth.
  • dForce partners with Celer’s cBridge for powering cross-chain bridging of $DF and $USX in a liquidity-pool-based model with lower fees and faster transaction speeds. Learn More.
  • Deployment on Polygon Network was completed. Deployed USX and lending protocols on Polygon and enabled the PDLP module to support liquidity operations for USX. Learn More.
  • dForce continued to contribute to the development of PoS networks through launching dForce Open Staking Initiative.
  • Launched an innovative hybrid DF staking model, featuring both Free Staking and Lock-up Staking. DF holders can earn passive yield and participate in dForce governance. Learn More.
  • Call for dForce Governor: veDF holders (participants in Lock-up Staking) can delegate their voting rights to governors of their choice. Anyone can apply and become a governor of dForce — the process is 100% open, transparent, and permission-less. Learn More.
  • dForce protocols including stablecoin USX and lending were deployed on Avalanche Network. Learn More.
  • dForce Integrated Chainlink price feeds on Arbitrum Network. Learn More.
  • Launched dForce Vault (Accepts a wider variety of assets as collateral with a new risk model and independent pool to mint USX).
  • dForce Bridge was launched in April, a cross-chain bridging tool facilitating instant and low-cost transfer of $USX and $DF across different blockchains and layers, including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, BSC, Optimism.
  • dForce Lending and USX Stablecoin Protocol have been deployed to the Kava EVM Chain. Learn More.
  • dForce launched a Liquid Stability Reserve (LSR) module, which allows users to use supported stablecoins as collaterals to mint USX at 1:1 rate, further enhancing USX’s dollar peg in a more efficient manner. Learn More.
  • Dapp has been integrated with Rabby wallet, Brave wallet, OKX wallet and supports WalletConnect.
  • The all-new upgraded dForce Trade 2.0 integrated Celer Inter-chain Messaging to Expand Cross-chain DEX. Learn More.
  • dForce partners with PulsarSwap to integrate TWAMM for our liquidity-swap facility Learn More.

DeFi Integrations

DAO & Governance


  • dForce held two Global Community Call in March and November and one in Chinese community in July, updating the community on what we have achieved and and provide insights on what’s in store for the next few quarters.
  • dForce hosted a number of AMA sessions in collaboration with our partners in 2022: including Polygon, Arbitrum, Binance, DDDX, Celer Network, Saddle Finance, Bitkeep, ACryptoS, SwapFish, Loopfi.
  • As one of the most active projects on Arbitrum, dForce participated in the Arbitrum Odyssey campaign, where winners can get Arbitrum-exclusive NFT designed by the illustrious crypto-renowned artist Ratwell and Sugoi.
  • dForce was chosen to receive Polygon’s Liquidity Mining 2.0 incentives.
  • dForce received 300,000 OP grants from Optimism.
  • dForce launched dForce liquidity mining initiatives on Polygon and Optimism. Learn More.
  • dForce kicked off dForce’s Optimistic Winter Campaign on Optimism. There are a lot of rewards to be won, including OP and VELO.

Liquidity Mining



dForce is an integrated and interoperable platform of opening finance protocols, covering lending, assets and trading.

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A complete set of DeFi protocols covering assets, lending, trading, serving as layer 0 infrastructure in Web 3.