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dForce and NAOS Finance Partner to Onboard Real-World Assets Backed Loans

dForce has entered into a partnership with NAOS Finance, a decentralized real-world asset (“RWA”) lending protocol, to further expand RWA backed products to DeFi. The collaboration allows NAOS to onboard dForce as a credit facility, and enables dForce to mint USX with RWA backed collaterals.

After a RWA originated by NAOS is approved by dForce, a dedicated asset pool will be created on NAOS’ lending protocol “Galaxy”. dForce will fund the NAOS ALPHA Lending Pool with USX, and borrower/community will fund the NAOS BETA Insurance Pool to provide insurance coverage.

The partnership exemplifies dForce’s ongoing effort to become a full-blown “Lending + Stablecoin + Synthetic” integrated protocol. Once specific financing opportunities are identified, forum posts and governance votes stating specific asset type, business model, and advantages and risks will be posted on dForce forum to receive approval from DF holders.

NAOS Finance is a complete “Liquidity + Lending + Insurance” protocol that emulates the entire banking process on-chain, and is part of the initiator group of a proposal passed on MakerDAO forum for the funding of supply chain finance assets. NAOS provides borrowers with an easy access to more efficient capital globally, and offers lenders with predictable/consistent yield from income generating assets such as corporate loans and accounts receivables.

Kevin Tseng, Founder of NAOS Finance, added “We’re thrilled to partner with dForce to drive RWA adoption in DeFi. dForce’s community represents a new lending partner with a different investment thesis, their involvement will broaden the type of assets we can support and further scale our effort to onboard and fund RWA globally.”

Mindao, Founder of dForce, added “We are committed to advancing the scope of DeFi at every opportunity and are so excited to have an aligned vision with NAOS. This collaboration will greatly help dForce to onboard a a diversified set of RWAs, allowing users to mint USX by leveraging RWA collaterals approved by dForce Governance, and scaling our liquidity into this new frontier.”

In a milestone for cryptocurrency space, Bitcoin-linked ETF started trading on the NYSE. We are witnessing the crisscross of RWA and cryptocurrency day in and day out. Driving the adoption and onboarding of RWAs to DeFi continues to be the main focus area for dForce and NAOS, as both teams shared the same vision and believe in the massive opportunities in RWAs.

About NAOS Finance

NAOS Finance is a decentralized real-world asset (RWA) lending protocol that facilitates the borrowing of crypto native assets by using RWA as collateral. NAOS has established a large network of corporate borrowers and is operating with financing licenses in multiple regions. In the effort of connecting CeFi with DeFi, NAOS takes an ecosystem approach and looks to engage in meaningful strategic partnerships to expand the boundary of decentralized finance.

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About dForce

dForce advocates for building an integrated and interoperable DeFi protocol matrix, covering Lending, Assets, and Trading. Currently deployed on Ethereum, BSC and Arbitrum.

Core team includes crypto veterans and ex-finance professionals from Goldman Sachs, Standard Chartered Bank, Citigroup, and Hony Capital. dForce is backed by investor consortium including Multicoin Capital, CMBI, and Huobi Capital.

dForce Token (DF) is the governance token across dForce network, and through the DAO voting structure, DF holders collectively make decisions on governance and operations of dForce.

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