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dForce and UPRETs Partner to Onboard Real-World Assets backed Loans

Decentralized finance has seen massive growth showing no signs of losing momentum. The increasing liquidity and trading volume suggest a surge of interest and a bullish trend of DeFi. We are thrilled to see DeFi and TradFi are finally starting to come together through financing opportunities in the RWAs, namely the Real-World Assets.

UPRETS, a platform digitalizing RWAs and security products, has submitted a proposal in our forum for including OST as a collateral on dForce’s USX stablecoin protocol. Once passed, UPRETS will be able to use dForce as a credit facility by utilizing OST (a compliant real estate asset-backed digital securities technically empowered by UPRETs) as collateral to mint USX stablecoin — this will be the first of many bridges dForce will build between DeFi and TradFi.

The partnership between dForce and UPRETs will demonstrate enormous synergies — dForce provides trustless and highly efficient capital infrastructure (DeFi) entwined with UPRETS bringing regulated tokenized RWAs into DeFi. This collaboration is a solid step forward in powering RWAs financing in an efficient, transparent, and trustless manner.

dForce team is currently assessing this opportunity, and we are looking forward to working with UPRETS in terms of Real-World Assets’ decentralized finance practices. UPRETS is helping MakerDAO originated its first real-world solar farm financing deal (click here to learn more). We hope this partnership could help dForce expand into more diversified RWAs.

OST is a regulated security token representing the ownership of a residential apartment in New York, Brooklyn. Upon approval of extending collateral support to OST, OST token holders will be able to deposit OST to dForce’s USX vault, and mint USX within its approved limits.

This is part of dForce’s ongoing effort to become a full-blown “Lending + Stablecoin + Synthetic” integrated protocol, by covering not only in DeFi assets but RWAs as well. Real-world Asset backed tokens are bound to be the crème de la crème of DeFi. dForce is an open network movement. Therefore, creating a lending marketing with diverse risk-adjusted assets is essential to build out this Lego-like financial structure.


UPRETS is a platform focused on simplifying investment in real estate by advising on and digitalizing assets and securities.

They provide a convenient, legally-compliant and advanced real estate digital securitization platform for property developers, asset owners and investors globally. By utilizing our UPRETS platform, real estate developers and assets owners can create digital securities for their properties, providing investors with various low-barrier, secure and convenient forms of investments.

Backed by a publicly listed real estate conglomerate (NYSE:XIN) and our award-winning, patented blockchain technology, Xbolt, they bring a network, experience and luxury assets to the platform.

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