dForce Ecosystem Update — January, 2023

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Welcome to the dForce Monthly Ecosystem Update! This is where we keep our community up-to-date about what’s happened in the past month, and what’s coming up!


  • dForce published a comprehensive 2022 recap. Learn More
  • dForce Lending has processed over $5 billion in borrowings with more than 2 years of secure operation with no security breaches. Learn More
  • dForce updated the Dashboard to share more analysis around $USX. Learn More
  • Now users can view all ongoing mining pools for $USX across all supported networks on dForce. Learn More
  • Beefy Finance opened a vault for USX/USDC sLP on Optimism. Learn More


In January, dForce recorded a TVL of $224.8m, with 59.7% parked on Arbitrum, 15.6% on Binance Smart Chain, 13.3% on Optimism, 5.9% on Ethereum, 1.9% on Polygon, 1.8% on Avalanche, and 1.8% on Kava.


As of 31st January 2023, the total circulating supply of USX is $168.4m.

Distribution by Function

  • 59.4% (100.1m USX) on Arbitrum and Optimism to facilitate L2 expansion.
  • 14.4% (24.3m USX) are currently held by market participants.
  • 13.0% (21.9m USX) on Celer to power the cross-chain bridging of USX.
  • 11.3% (19.0m USX) are deposited into lending protocols.
  • 1.8% (3.1m USX) are powering USX-related trades on DEXes.

Source of Capital

  • 94.2% (158.0m USX) are protocol-controlled liquidity.
  • 4.3% (7.3m USX) are minted through LSR.
  • 1.1% (1.8m USX) are minted through vault.
  • 0.4% (709k USX) are minted through lending.

Liquidity by Networks

  • 67.6% of USX liquidity are currently parked on Arbitrum
  • 10.2% on BSC
  • 10.1% on Optimism
  • 6.3% on Ethereum
  • 2.4% on Kava
  • 2.4% on Avalanche
  • 1.1% on Polygon


In January, dForce Lending recorded a total supply of $114m:

  • 36.9% on Binance Smart Chain
  • Aribitrum at 25.4%
  • Optimism at 19.9%
  • Ethereum at 9.4%
  • Polygon at 8.1%


dForce recorded an Annualized Platform Revenue of $861K in January, with 37.4% generated on Binance Smart Chain, 26.5% on Polygon, 16.7% on Arbitrum,10.1% on Ethereum, and 9.3% on Optimism

Liquidity Mining

dForce has ongoing liquidity mining initiatives on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, and Binance Smart Chain. Please visit dForce Forum to view the gauge (updated on a weekly basis) and click here to see related tutorials.

Product Development

This month, dForce has completed a number of product updates:

  • Integrate all liquidity pools for USX into dForce Farm page where users can see real-time APY across different platforms and networks at ease.
  • Add USX/USDC pools on SwapFish (Arbitrum & Optimism) to dForce Farm.
  • Add USX/USDC pool on Beefy (Optimism) to dForce Farm.
  • Upgrade Dashboard to show analysis on the source of capital for minting USX.
  • Integrate with PulsaSwap on Ethereum and Arbitrum to power the liquidity-swap facility.
  • Upgrade the ‘Mint’ page to include more information of supported collaterals for minting USX through LSR.

There are also some exciting developments in progress. Namely:

  • Risk parameter update for assets supported on dForce.
  • Add more analysis around trading of USX across all networks.
  • Add more LSR analysis to the dForce Dashboard.


DIP034 — Vault Support to $wstETH on dForce [Passed]

It was proposed to create two Vaults (available on Arbitrum & Optimism) for $wstETH on dForce and reward users of $wstETH on dForce with $LDO token received from Lido Finance (subject to Lido’s monthly reWARD budget planning):

  1. $iwstETH Vault with 3m USX debt ceiling and 3% interest on each network
  2. $wstETH/$ETH LP Vault (LP token from Curve Finance) with 3m USX debt ceiling and 3% interest on each network

DIP035 — Risk Parameter Update [Passed]

It was proposed to adjust risk parameters for assets supported on dForce Lending across different networks.


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