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dForce Ecosystem Update — May 2020

In May, we released dForce Swap, a trading platform that supports flash exchange between stablecoins.


In just ten days from the launch, the maximum daily transaction volume reached $1.2 million in USD on dForce Swap.

Data Source:https://explore.duneanalytics.com/dashboard/trade-dforce

At the same time, the airdrop function of the dForce governance system was launched. We delivered a total of 2,000,000 dForce platform token (DF) to eligible Lendf.Me users. DF token airdropped to each address will be unlocked in two tranches, the first tranche will be unlocked immediately, with the second tranche on November 28, 2020. As of June 2, 27% of DF tokens have been successfully collected.


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· dForce Trading (for stablecoin only) is live now!

· DF Airdrop — A Salute to Lendf.Me Users

Product Development

dForce Trading (Version 2.0)

dForce Swap (Version 1.0 of dForce Trading) has been launched. It mainly supports the exchange between the mostly adopted stablecoins of ERC-20 standard. dForce Swap is characterized by 0% slippage for large transactions, and competitive exchange rates. Version 2.0 is currently under development and will support more types of crypto assets in the future.

· Design product architecture and core function stage

· Version 2.0 is expected to be released in the fourth quarter

USR (USDx Saving Rate)

USR (USDx Saving Rate) is the systematic interest of USDx. USDx will become the first fiat-back stablecoin implementing systemic interest. USDx holders will be entitled to a systematic interest by simply depositing USDx into the USR contract (aka DSR to DAI). They should expect additional interest income by supplying USDx to lending protocols integrated with USR. Instant withdrawal capability is also supported.

· Security audit completed by PeckShield (Please review full report here)

· Expected to be released in early July

dForce Governance System (dForce Governance System)

On-chain governance system where stakeholders of dForce can participate in decision-making process, claim for DF airdrop and incentivization.

· Airdrop system is now live

· Governance voting system is under development and is expected to be launched in mid-June

dForce Yield Protocol

Yield Token is a wrapper of ERC-20 tokens across the dForce ecosystem, representing a pro rata claim of a specific ERC-20 token plus interest accrued. Users receive Yield Token when they interface with DeFi protocols integrated with dToken, which is proportional to the stake of a specific ERC-20 token (plus yields earned) in the pool. Yield Token can be stored, transferred, or redeemed at any time.

Yield Token accommodate to a variety of portfolio and allocation strategies executed by smart contracts automatically, its yield income will come from interests and fees collected from its underlying supported DeFi protocols, dForce Public-Private-Pool (PPP), dForce Trading, and etc.

· Development in process with security and functional improvements

· Planned security audit in mid-June

· Version 1.0 is expected to be released at the end of June

· Version 2.0 will integrate with dForce hybrid lending protocol, which is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2020

dForce Lending Protocol (Permission-less and Decentralized Lending Protocol)

· Under development

· Expected to be released in the fourth quarter

Marketing Campaign

On May 4th, dForce was invited to a round-table session hosted by the Global Coin Research during the Ready Layer One Summit, and for the first time, we shared details in regard to Lendf.Me hack along with dForce’s future plans.

On May 8, dForce held a “Better Future Plan” AMA session and disclosed many details in regard to the Lendf.Me hack and answered to all questions from the community.

On May 25, dForce founder Mindao was invited to the Binance live show “Block 101” and shared his views on “DeFi opportunities and challenges”.

On May 26, together with MakerDAO and Binance, we participated a debate organized by Odaily and shared our views on the prospects, challenges, use cases of stablecoins.

On May 26th, we hosted another dForce AMA session and disclosed our 2020 roadmap and development strategies, including the future risk assessment model, go-to-market campaigns, business integration plans and etc.

On May 27th, dForce Founder Mindao was invited to a round-table session hosted by Wuya Community, and expressed his views on the “multi-dimensional challenges of decentralized finance” and how dForce will respond to these challenges.

Business Integrations

Digital Wallets

dForce Swap has been listed on a number of mainstreamed wallets, including:

· imToken

· Bitpie

· DappPocket


· ABC Wallet

· TokenPocket

· DappBirds

· MathWallet

Dex Aggregator

· 1inch

DeFi Analytics Platform

At present, dForce Swap has been included in many information platforms:

· Dapp.com(https://www.dapp.com/dapp/dforce-trade

· DAppTotal(https://dapptotal.com/detail/10170/dForce-Trade

· DappRadar(https://dappradar.com/app/1961/dforce-trade

· Dune(https://explore.duneanalytics.com/dashboard/trade-dforce

More business integration and market activities are being actively promoted. Welcome to pay attention to our public account and learn about our latest developments.

Welcome to join our community to participate in related discussions:

dForce Website:https://dforce.network/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dForcenet

Telegram: https://t.me/dforcenet

Medium: https://medium.com/lendf-me



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