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dForce Launch Governance Venue on Snapshot

Today, we are pleased to launch our governance venue on Snapshot. Snapshot.Page already becomes the status-quo venue for DeFi projects to coordinate their off-chain governance and signaling, it is more efficient to consolidate our governance decision making, communication and discussion on a few selective venues. DF token holders can use the platform to propose and vote on changes to all protocols across dForce network. In parallel, all governance related discussions will be held on our Forum.

Previous proposals and votes can still be reviewed from dForce governance system:

Starting from DIP004 (vote opens from 12:00 UTC+8, 31 October), we will be using Snapshot to facilitate governance decisions. DF token holders can participate in dForce governance in a more distributed manner, for example, use Snapshot to create proposals and vote through https://snapshot.page/#/dforce

Voting Mechanism

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· Telegram: https://t.me/dforcenet



dForce is an integrated and interoperable platform of opening finance protocols, covering lending, assets and trading.

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