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dForce on Optimism!

After intensive testing, we are excited to finally deploy dForce on Optimism.

This deployment continues dForce’s multi-chain strategy and furthers us in the journey to expand DeFi to rival TradFi. The deployment on Optimism will enable cheaper and faster trading for smaller holders, and will be a great addition to current multi-chain offerings of dForce on Ethereum, BSC, and Arbitrum.

As the core developers behind dForce protocol are early Ethereum evangelists, the team has been keenly looking into scalability solutions on Ethereum to solve Ethereum’s inherent problems and strengthen dForce protocol’s DeFi offerings. Optimism is the first Optimistic Rollup project, and debuted its Alpha Layer 2 solution back in July 2021. Optimism has since onboarded multiple DeFi projects including Uniswap, Synthetix, and MakerDao. However, we noticed that currently, there are no other DeFi protocol on Optimism that provides as comprehensive an offering as dForce; covering lending, multicurrency native stablecoins, and synthetic asset protocol. By bringing this full suite of DeFi services to Optimism, we aim to serve the underserved DeFi market on Optimism.

Layer 2 solutions aim to increase the speed and efficiency of the Ethereum network by building on top of Ethereum, without affecting the underlying Ethereum blockchain. To solve Ethereum’s inherent shortcoming of limited TPS and high gas cost, dForce’s core development team have deployed dForce protocol on scalability solutions. Back in September 2021, dForce launched on Arbitrum, the first live EVM compatible Optimistic Rollup project. Arbitrum and Optimism both leverage optimistic rollups, and share similar protocol designs.

We are open to working with blockchains with proven infrastructure and scalability solutions, and will continue to support such layer 2 solutions in an effort to serve broader scope of users and make the bar lower for entry into DeFi space.

Users can start migrating their assets over to Optimistic Ethereum (Optimism) network through Optimism Gateway. We will follow up with a detailed user guide. Optimism is already compatible with popular wallets such as Metamask and WalletConnect.

About dForce

dForce advocates for building an integrated and interoperable DeFi protocol matrix, covering lending, assets, and trading.

dForce Lending (including multicurrency stablecoins) has undergone extensive code reviews and security audits by Trail of Bits, ConsenSys Diligence, CertiK, Certora (formal verification), with a Bug Bounty Program launched through Immunefi.

dForce is currently deployed on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Arbitrum, and Optimism.

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