Introducing ‘dForce Optimistic Winter’ Campaign on Optimism

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1 min readNov 29, 2022


dForce will kick off dForce’s Optimistic Winter Campaign on Optimism starting from 0:00am UTC, 1 December, 2022. This campaign will run for 12 weeks with a distribution of 150,000 OP worth of rewards.

dForce Optimistic Winter Campaign targets at incentivizing dForce users for lending and liquidity activities on Optimism, with dForce Lending and Velodrome as a start (1~2 more is under the way):

  • dForce Lending: win OP token rewards on USX supply activities.
  • Velodrome Liquidity Mining: win VELO token rewards by providing liquidity for USX/USDC pool.

The dForce Lending campaign will start from 12:00pm, UTC, 2 December, 2022. A total of 100,000 OP token rewards (or 1,190 OP token rewards per day) will be distributed to supplier of USX on dForce Lending over a 12-week period (tutorial to follow).

The Velodrome Liquidity Mining Campaign will start from 0:00am UTC, 1 December, 2022. A total of 25,000 OP worth of DF token rewards will be distributed through ‘Bribe’ to veVELO stakers who vote for USX/USDC pool on Velodrome to secure a higher APR for our liquidity providers.

We look forward to the community’s participation!

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