Introducing dForce’s 2023 Roadmap

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We would like to thank you all for your patience with regard to the release of dForce’s 2023 roadmap.

dForce aims to become a critical infrastructure in Web3 by offering a complete set of DeFi protocols including lending, assets, trading, bridge, etc.

Working towards our vision, we will continuously to:

  • implement multichain strategy.
  • introduce AMM to dForce’s DeFi matrix.
  • create the best user experience.
  • drive partnership and integration.
  • explore other value propositions.
  • maximize value accrual to $DF.

Quater 1

  • We launched ‘dForce Optimistic Winter’ on the Optimism network to reward lending and trading activities around $USX with $OP grants received from the Optimism community.
  • We partnered with Lido Finance to power the adoption of $wstETH on L2s by rewarding lending activities around $wstETH on Arbitrum and Optimism with $LDO token.
  • We created $iwstETH vaults on Arbitrum and Optimism.
  • Updated dashboard to include more analytics about dForce Trade.
  • Further optimize routing for dForce Trade.
  • Launch dForce AMM.
  • Launched L2D4 pool on Saddle Finance on Arbitrum together with Frax Finance, Alchemix, an Sperax.
  • Launched USX/USDC pool on the KAVA network as one of Equilibre Finance’s launching partners.
  • Apply for Cycle 11 $OP grants.

Quarter 2

  • Introduce isolated model for dForce Lending.
  • Introduce efficient model for dForce Lending.
  • dForce AMM to support cross-chain swap and liquidity aggregation.

Quarter 3

  • Introduce permissionless markets for dForce Lending.
  • Optimize PCL module (structure, strategy, assets)
  • dForce Summer Carnival

Quarter 4

  • New UX upgrade.
  • Improve developer documentation.
  • Publish 2023 annual report and 2024 roadmap.

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