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The French election through Kremlin eyes

How the Russian state’s French-language wire portrays the French election

Source: CC BY-SA 4.0 Teslar


Source: Sputnik France. “From the Socialist Party to Macron: the final decomposition?” Editorial published on March 20.
Source: RT French. “Exalted, Macron howls (again) in Marseilles and makes Twitter laugh.”
Source: Sputnik France. “Le Pen attacks BFMTV: ‘You support Macron shamelessly.’”
Source: CSA. Air time devoted to each candidate by BFMTV from the publication of candidate lists to April 2. The four bands cover broadcasts from 06:00–09:30, 09:30–18:00, 18:00–24:00, and 00:00–06:00.

Le Pen

Source: Sputnik France. Screenshot of articles on March 27.
Source: Sputnik France. “‘Strong and independent,’ Marine le Pen says she’s a cat woman.”


Source: Sputnik France. “Affairs in the media: Macron laughing, Fillon crying?”
Source: Sputnik France. “Have the media and politicians sold the skin of Fillon the bear too soon?” Note that the passionate photo was taken on February 12 on La Réunion; the article itself concerned a rally in Paris on March 5.
Source: Sputnik France, archive from April 2 (L), edited headline of the same article from April 20 (R). The left-hand headline reads, “Presidential 2017: Fillon returns to the top of the polls.” The right-hand headline reads, “Presidential 2017: Fillon given as favorite by a study of social networks.”
Source: Sputnik France. “The 2nd round will be between Fillon and Macron, according to a study of social networks.”
Source: Sputnik France. “Fillon as favorite: Brand Analytics explains its methodology.”
Source: Brand Analytics.
Source: Brand Analytics. Polls on 11 April and 18 April, with Macron (orange) ahead of Fillon (blue), unreported by Sputnik.
Source: Sputnik France. “Marine Le Pen still in front in the first round, according to the latest polls.”




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