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#TrollTracker: Twitter Troll Farm Archives

Part One — Seven key take aways from a comprehensive archive of known Russian and Iranian troll operations

(Source: @DFRLab)

1. All Content Points Home

Timeline of posts in Russian, English and undeclared languages by the Russian troll farm, 2010–18. (Source: Twitter)

2. Multiple Goals

Screenshot of a scan of posts by Russian troll accounts on #CrookedHillary. (Source: Twitter)

3. Community Targeting

Tweet by Russian troll account @Crystal1Johnson. (Source: Twitter / @Crystal1Johnson, via tweetsave.com)

4. Equal-Opportunity Troll Farms

5. Opportunism

Screenshot from a scan of Russian troll farm posts on #ReasonsToLeaveEU on Brexit day. (Source: Twitter)

6. Evolution

Before and after: screenshots of the profile page of the Iranian account, which changed its name in July 2018. (Source: Twitter / @libertyfrontpr / @berniecratss, via Google cache)

7. Low Impact




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