Calling for the second DGOV Council in Berlin — and why you should care.

Tim Bansemer
Nov 16, 2019 · 4 min read

How do we make wise decisions in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment? How do we re-invent our governance systems to allow us to meet the challenges today and tomorrow with an outcome in which we preserve our planet and it’s diverse life? How do we allow humanity to stand together and strive for peace and collaboration on earth and beyond?

The II DGOV Council is an invite only gathering of international pioneers from various disciplines. The event will take place once more in Berlin on the 24th to the 26th of January 2020. We invite once more to come together to explore one of the most important questions of our time.

The challenge to organize without hierarchies in a direct participatory way is the challenge of managing the commons. From open source infrastructure platform projects towards the management of cities and organisations in a truly democratic way, this will determine the quality and way we all will live together. Is it possible to tap into collective intelligence to make decisions while considering more then what one person can process and understand?

I believe we can. I believe we must. If you believe so too… you should come and be with us at the second DGOV Council.

Those questions relate to every one of us on a very personal level. Every one of us is impacted by the governmental and management structures we use today in organisations. Most of them are organised in strong hierarchies or driven by dominant monetary incentives. Both organisational structures fall victim to power games and influence of interests which do care little for the preservation of life and sustainability.

Our Vision for the second DGOV Council is to accelerate our path to “Human centric and scalable governance systems.”

For me this council is a great opportunity to speak about complex systems thinking and how it relates to cognitive diversity and our world views.

What does social cohesion have to do with the ability to tap into collective intelligence and how do we create the environment to see it’s emergence?

How do we allow ourselves to change our minds (our believes)? All those questions and much more will await us in our conversations at the second DGOV Council.I’m very exited about us as a community to come together.

If you want to get impressions from last years Council taking place in January 2019 find them in the video below.

How can you participate?

DGOV Council is an invite only event. We sell a limited number of 40 tickets on an invite only basis. For our community members -please check if you have an invitation in your mail box from Eventbrite. If you want to participate reach out to one of the DGOV core organizers to introduce yourself and tell us about your motivation to be with us at the council. You can also register to our community and join our telegram and ask there.

The normal ticket price is 255 € for the Friday evening event including the two days of the Council with catering on the 25th and 26th of January. The Council will end around 5 pm on Sunday.

You can submit topic proposals also without participation here. Find more information on our wiki page here.

Agenda II DGOV Council

Friday 6 PM — 10 PM [SUPERMARKT]: Participants’ Potluck Dinner & Get-Together

Saturday 10 AM — 6 PM [FULL NODE]: Welcome, Lightning Talks, Open Sessions Day 1, Closing round, Dinner

Saturday Night Dinner 7 PM -11 PM, (Sponsored or Self-Payed)

Sunday 10 AM — 4 PM [FULL NODE] Check-in, Open Sessions Day 2, Closing Round with a Fish Bowl and Calls to Action.

Note: The Council is a co-creation format. This means your input will share our detailed agenda.

We are still seeking sponsors -

If your organisation wants to actively support the work we are doing please considering to become a sponsor. Please reach out via our sponsorship form or directly to me on Medium or Twitter @tim_bansemer.

This is a DGOV Foundation event organised by events GmbH & Co.KG. This article is written by Tim Bansemer — Member of the DGOV Core Team and Founder and CEO of

We are thankful for the general support and sponsorship we received from Tezos Foundation to enable us to execute this event.

On behalf of the DGOV Core Team I look forward to welcome you once more to grow the community of pioneers to explore the frontier of governance.

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DGOV Foundation Blog

Points on Distributed Governance, DAOs, Token Economics, Identity and Law

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