#dgov network survey results

Max Semenchuk
Sep 9, 2019 · 5 min read

We’ve launched a survey to learn more about the DGOV network peeps, their feedback on the work of the foundation, unmet needs and so on to make improvements in the future.

Audience: DGOV network members (~460 people), 24 answers gathered. Here’s what we’ve got.


We’ve got feedback from people from Dgov Foundation, Edgeware, Commons Stack, Aragon Ecosystem, DAO Stack, Abridged, d0rg, Akasha, Kyber Networks, smtngood, DAOincubator as well as some other individual respondents.

Who from this list do you identify yourself with?

  • Community Builder (63%)
  • DAO member / practitioner (58%)
  • Researchers: Governance or Blockchain (54%)
  • Entrepreneur / Founder (50%)

Interactions in the network

How involved are you in the network now? Average: 3 of 5

How involved do you want to be? Average: 3.8 of 5

What’s working great in the network now?

*pluses indicate the amount of times thing were mentioned in the free form feedback

  • People (diversity, talent) ++++++++++++
  • Events +++++
  • Coordination +++++
  • Content +++++
  • Newsletter ++++
  • Telegram chat +++
  • Public Awareness ++

What can be improved?

  • Concrete goals & tasks (focus), planning ahead (events) ++++++
  • Be more vocal about the work being done (we can foster DGov communication based on these feedback form! Seems like not enough people aware of DGOV activity which is totally wonderful.) ++++
  • Better info organization (hard to follow, better comm tools) ++++
  • Better working groups / collaboration (with identifiable leaders would help the flow of information/decisions/leads) +++
  • Better Onboarding ++
  • Movement Capacity ++
  • Dgov for DGOV Foundation(The current structure is not sustainable or healthy for the community. Transparent decision making processes) ++
  • Funding +
  • Research and publishing +
  • Better curation of people (questionable/scammy governance practices/projects) +
  • More responsibility / small task taking and authorship +
  • More workshops +
  • More experimentation & iteration +
  • Lower prices for students/academics +
  • Better terms (conflation/confusion of DAO technology with decentralised governance. Definitions/glossary needed) +
  • Mapping of interests/concerns +
  • More bridges between sub-communities +
  • Swag +

What are you looking to get from the network?

  • Info, knowledge and updates (Cross-project, multi-disciplinary learning) +++++++++
  • Connections ++++++++
  • Ideas Exchange and insights ++++++++
  • Collaboration, ideas nurture ++++++
  • Progress and success of distributed goverance +++
  • Inspiration +
  • Fun +
  • Engagement with clients +
  • Visibility into the wider dgov space +
  • sparring partners for my DAO project +

What could you provide for the network?

  • Connections (87%)
  • Training, Workshop, Education (61%)
  • Work in groups (57%)
  • Organize Events (52%)

Which people should be involved more often or present in the network?

  • Political scientists (governance researchers and academics) ++++++
  • Social scientists, Sociologists +++++
  • Economists (incl. behavioural economists) +++++
  • Artists ++++
  • Judges & Lawyers ++++
  • Politicians ++
  • Philosophers & Ethologists ++
  • Do-ers, change agents ++
  • Systemic thinkers (complexity experts? practitioners of transformation) ++
  • Anthropologists ++
  • Game theory & mathematics ++
  • Developers ++
  • Hippies +
  • SSID People +
  • Psychologists +
  • Platform coop people +
  • Interdisciplinary people +
  • Students +
  • Holacracy and sociocracy experts +
  • Coaches +
  • Activists (community organizers and activist movement builders)
  • Social workers +
  • Mechanism designers +
  • Corporate governance experts +

What’s the best way to stay in contact with you?


Which product of the DGOV network do you use/know about?

  • Newsletter (83%)
  • #dgov tag & twitter (58%)
  • Network map (54%)
  • Meetups (50%)
  • Council (46%)
  • Forum (46%)

What monetization models we should apply to make products better / more sustainable?

  • Individual donations (65%)
  • Grants (65%)
  • Membership fee (61%)
  • Paid services (52%)

What roles/responsibilities/tasks do you expect from the DGOV foundation in the ecosystem development?

  • Facilitation of the dialogue, orchestration of the stakeholders, collaboration +++++++++++
  • Making events ++++++
  • Research & knowledge building +++++
  • Consulting & training ++++
  • Stewards of DAO adoption and integration +++
  • Experimentation ++
  • Identity and accreditation ++
  • Empower people do their own steps on the journey +
  • Funding +
  • Spread the word +
  • Promoting human (and eco)-centric approach to the building of the new decentralized infrastructure +
  • Maintaining the community infrastructure (wiki, forum, chat group, social media) +

Some love:

  • Awesome job at DGOV Node, congrats 👏👏👏👏👏👏
  • Thank you!
  • Thanks dgov, for all the amazing work you are doing. You are consistently producing value for the community and I admire the way how you do that and also the continuous support you provide! Big hugs!
  • Yes, I want to become a member/ambassador whatever!!! Count me in ;)
  • Awesome events you put together for blockchain week! on the energy and climate change, I’ll be happy to share my past and current experience.
  • Thanks for asking! (And reminding me to answer ;-)
  • Thanks for your efforts so far, team, a great job that you can be proud of. Thanks for everything you all do :)
  • One of the things I appreciate about DGOV is that it is a kind of neutral ground for people from many different projects, some of whom may have economically or politically conflicting interests, to come together and learn and share with one another. I hope we can keep this collaborative, positive-sum spirit alive!
  • If you need someone to organize an Austria Chapter or events/meetups in Vienna, get back to me.

Thanks for the kind words, we love you back! :)

Next steps

We have integrated the ideas in our strategy and we’ll plan the execution steps as well as opening up the roles soon. Few initiatives are already started (like #dgov SSID and better communication layer) and that’s so great to learn it’s needed. Thanks for all the feedback and ideas provided!

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DGOV Foundation Blog

Points on Distributed Governance, DAOs, Token Economics, Identity and Law

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