Introducing the #dgov18 conference

The first conference on distributed governance.

The need for distributed governance

A ghost creeps up on the world of distributed communities. Our shared social and business infrastructures are championing the “be trustless and uncensorable” ideology, but still have a very dangerous weak point: the lack of coordination between the opportunities brought by technological development, current problems in transnational policy making and a coherent conceptualization of governance suitable for a novel legal architecture.

Governance of Ethereum was one of the hottest topics at EthCC 2018

With these issues some bright individuals and organisations in our community have been wrapping their heads around for some time now. But as we start to impact the world, more and more of us (and others!) have become aware of just how important these issues are. It is 2018 when distributed governance as a topic reached the mainstream in our communities.

The quest for distributed governance

It is now ever more widely perceived that distributed governance will be an impetus for sustainable well-being of us all.

We envision sustainable well-being empowered by distributed consensus technology.

It seems to us it is time to gather in one place. Us who want to learn more about distributed governance, us who run and build DAOs, us who research and publish about it and us who work on solutions and tools for making it a reality.

This is why we are pleased to introduce DGOV 2018, the first conference on distributed governance, taking place in Athens in the Q4 2018.

Our Mission is to provide a forum for collaboration among leaders of any kind, which explore and desire the implementation of new forms of self-organized governance by the use of distributed consensus technology.

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Impactful format for a face-to-face discussion

The First Conference on Distributed Governance (#dgov18) will provide a meeting point for the distributed consensus technologists, policy-makers, academics and practitioners to learn and share experience in self-organised organisations.

It is a forum for interdisciplinary debate on the most pressing problems the world confronts nowadays and on problem solving capacity that new digital technologies offer. Including:

  1. Talks & workshops by leading experts;
  2. Self-organized Unconference space;
  3. Exhibition space;
  4. Live streaming & online knowledge base on DAOs and dGov.

Dgov 2018:

  • aims to challenge the mainstream theoretical debates in the governance field from an interdisciplinary perspective, with concrete examples of applied distributed consensus technology and policy prospects for the near future.
  • will provide an inspiring space for open discussion and learning between all attendees.
  • will be the place where the consensus technology community can learn and adopt forms of distributed governance.
  • will raise questions, create further opportunities for collaboration, and facilitate the possibility of a new governance vision.

Who is in already?

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Initiative was started by Tim Bansemer and team, during EthCC in Paris in February 2018.

Rchain agreed to provide the initial funding (20ETH), kickstarting the initiative in June 2018. A team was formed by the members of blockchain community.

Vlad Zamfir, Andrew Tudhope and Lane Rettig agreed to support the project in roles of advisors.

Blockchain Hub Split, DAO Foundation and others (soon to be announced) joined to help organize dGov 2018., Ocean Protocol, Aragon, Web3 Foundation, Kleros, Polkadot and others have been consulted or agreed to support the project.

As soon as we get other important members of the community involved, we will post our updates.

How to get involved?

There are a number of ways you can be a part of this and help make it happen:

  1. Sponsor
  2. Exhibit
  3. Speak
  4. Support & partner up
  5. Volunteer
  6. Attend
  7. Spread the word

If you are interested in any of these, please check out our website and apply!

In dgov foundation we’re forming the community around the distributed governance from practitioners, providers, academics and policymakers.

Support the Movement!

If you’re enthusiastic about the distributed governance — go give us a hand. Here’re some hot links on #dgov network:

DGOV Foundation Blog

Points on Distributed Governance, DAOs, Token Economics…

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