Realization Lessons That I Have Learned Till the Age of 24

A small recap of all the life lessons I have accumulated for the past years.

Ravin Rau
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These are some of the realization lessons that I learn throughout my 24 years of living in this world. Some are cliche, but some are powerful hacks that make life ever worth living. This is my opinion and a summarized version of how these lessons impact my life.

You Are the Smartest Person When It Is About Yourself

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I have been living in this world for around 24 years now, and I confidently can tell that the closes people around me, including my parents, only know me about 60%. I bet even you all also feel the same thing. No one in this whole world knows you better than yourself.

This realization came to me with a slap on my face. It is something similar to worry about what other people think about you. Everyone in this world will always judge you and tell you how things should be. All their opinions were based on their experience of how they live life.

Following what they say blindly, will often not work for you. I am not saying, don’t listen to their advice, take their advice, process it, and think if their advice is what you want to do and will it suit you or not.

90% of the time your intuition/gut will always be the right one

Do some experiments and understand what makes them give you that advice. Imagine being in their shoes and see from their point of view and then decide if you want to take their advice or not. If that doesn’t work, then move on with what you feel is right.

If you have the thought, I don’t want to hurt their feelings by not taking their advice, trust me either way you are going to hurt someone’s feeling,the matter is it going to be yours or theirs.

Change Is the Only Constant

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I bet this sounds cliche, but that is the truth. We all go through changes daily. There were times where things were so great that we wish they will remain the same for the rest of our life, but unexpected events happen that will change the whole situation upside-down.

Sometimes, you had to let go of certain meaningful things to excel in the next chapter of your life. I have been in those situations before, the fond memories, the exciting adventures, and those miserable downfalls. All these experiences taught me how to embrace changes.

I classify changes into two different categories. First, the unexpected changes that happen in life (this is something like a major event in your life). Second, the changes that you have to take for the betterment of your life (changes like your character, attitude, skills, people around you).

I don’t focus much on the major events in my life because one way or another, I will need to face them, but what I do is constantly changing the little thing about me so that I can embrace or accept events that I am about to face.

There is a book called “Who moved my cheese” and I have written an article about the lessons from the book about changes.

Life is always teaching you something and always through those changes is when you learn the most about life.

Needs or Want

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Remember when your parents and school teachers talk about this topic? We don’t pay attention or don’t care about it, but when responsibility hits us, this is the first thing that comes to our mind.

This was a hard-hit lesson. I would be lying if I ever told you that I never think twice before buying something.

When I first enter university, I had friends who own a Nintendo 3ds. Looking at them play Pokémon X and Y (yes, my childhood revolve a lot on Pokémon, and I still like them to this date) urge me to buy one for myself. I saved enough money and bought myself a 3ds together with the latest game of the time, Pokémon Omega Ruby.

The experience was amazing, and I love playing it with my friends. But the desire only lasts for a few months. After that, I rarely touch my 3ds. I start focusing on my life, and I got busy with my daily schedule.

There were times where I thought about selling my 3ds and use the money for better stuff, like buying better camera gear or expanding my laptop capability. Since then, every time I look at something that I desire to have, I would always ask myself if it is a want or is a need.

This simple question has often saved me from Buyer’s remorse.

Never Stop Learning

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Learning never stops. When I was young, I always hope that learning stops once I am done with school. But when I enter university, I understood that learning is a never-ending process.

I am not saying that we should be learning because the world is changing drastically, but more knowledge opens more opportunities in your life. With more information, you can make a better decision, and with the right decision, you will have a wonderful life.

If you are aware, we are living in a world full of opportunities. With the right amount of knowledge, you will be able to spot those opportunities. With the help of the internet and smartphones, gaining information is at the tip of everyone’s hands. Yet with our busy lifestyle, we often neglect to take the time to learn.

I use something called the 5 hours rule — where I make sure to study for at least an hour 5 times a week. I often do this during the night time once I am settled with everything (advisable not do to at night cause most human body will be sleepy and tired) while some people will wake up early in the morning and do it.

Take the time to isolate yourself from the world and pick any topic you like. Learn and practice it. The more you learn and practice, the better you will remember (I sound like my dad now, but that is the truth). You can learn things based on your work and improve your craft or something out of the scope and widen your knowledge.

Never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning.



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