Can I really be bothered?

Sloth, torpor, ennui, call it what you will this will get in the way of your practice and learning how to be truly deeply happy.

And i ask you this question in response — Really?

You really don’t think it is worth putting the effort into being happy when you already put so much effort into being unhappy, miserable, lonely, angry, locked inside yourself.

YOU really don’t think YOU are worth putting that effort into!

The whole rest of your lives being mostly happy or a lot less so for much of the time. Well all I can say is your choice. I have yet to meet anybody who really and truly gave it their all and still think it was a waste of time. Mostly they are really happy they did take the time to learn this stuff. It isn’t really hard after all but it does take determination and discipline and self awareness and self respect.

Is that what you’re lacking instead of interest, you want to get happy without any effort. Well we already discussed that. You get back in life what you put into it, nothing more and nothing less. Good place to be reminded of that I guess. And ask yourself this , is being happy really boring and not worth the effort?

I think you can afford to rethink this one — I want you to be happy, I really do, nothing would make me happier than for you to find out how much happiness you can find in this world even in the middle of so much horror and unkindness, you can be a beacon of happiness that shines out and say we have alternatives.

Please be bothered for yourself; that way you can help all the others out there even more than you can by being angry or cynical, by being shouty or judgemental.

Just being happy is a strong political statement, not ‘happy about’. I am very unhappy about a great many things, but being happy about being alive and using my happiness to teach all of the Dharma as far as I can follow it myself means that many more people being happy can do more to put things right than more unhappy people can ever do. Be bothered because you’re worth it.