Adopting This Simple Habit Will Make You Insanely Successful and Confident, According to Science
Elle Kaplan

Define success and that is where this search for success starts to unravel a little. Most often success means pushing yourself to grow a little more each day and whilst I agree that continuous growth is a positive outlook to have in life, pushing yourself to grow more quickly can easily lead to burnout and more serious consequences. If we just remain open to life and learning from experience, then we will grow anyway and at a natural pace for our own circumstances. Embracing the growth attitude yes but not pushing it. For me success has meant I made it to 62 yrs old and am deeply happy in life. The money and possessions I have I would not worry about if I lost them tomorrow, the precious relationships I would mourn deeply. My name appearing repeatedly on google searches is great but it doesn’t make me more or less happy. Quotes from my books being used as inspirational wallpaper does not make me more happy. Seeing my books published all over the world when they were didn’t make me more happy or feel more successful. In many ways that all felt like more pressure. being contented, being happy having nothing to prove, being at peace with the story of my life thus far, that is what I feel successful about.

If you really want to be successful in life, unravel your core values and find out who you really are away from all the accumulated voices from others and the delusions of the material world. That is deep success but you do not find it in the external world, only inside yourself. For me the dharma was the only tool that actually gave me a framework to do this successfully.

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