give a little and receive a little

The more you give, the more you receive. It is true. I have found this to be completely true, in love, time, attention, support, and money and all things that make life good and happy.

It is so simple really, isn’t it.

The widows’ mite, give all that you have and it will be returned to you ten-fold.

Except that it is slightly more complicated than that too.

If you give in order to receive you are really buying. That is not generosity.

If you give and hope for credit for giving you are buying a feel good for yourself. That is not generosity either.

If you give because you want to because you have enough already and don’t mind giving this bit up,giving that away of good and not thinking ever with regrets then perhaps you are truly giving.

Give your time, your affection, your openness, your acceptance, your affection and love, your energy and even possibly your money. Share your home your food your time your ideas, your passions with all who might enjoy sharing them with you.

Give your happiness to others too, share your joy of life and allow them to see they can share this too.

I love my husband and children so very very much, I have found the joy of loving them far greater than the joy of being loved, but that just makes me want to love them even more and more and more. They love as they are able; they are not yet awakened enough to be free, they are on the way though.

Generosity is the first of the paramitas, the teachings on how to live well.

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