How can you prove this will work for me?

If you come to mindfulness with doubt in your mind then you will find you are right.

my garden, derelict in 2000 — I never doubted I could make it flourish with abundance

What you think will be what happens but often people prefer distrust to trust because that is a defense against failure. Doubting this will work for you too will mean you do not embrace the teachings or the practice in your heart and thus you will get back the exact amount you put into it.

Effort will be rewarded equally of course. But doubting is the main reason why many people will find they do not get the outcomes they are looking for.

Have you ever tasted squid ink and garlic ice cream? Even if I had there would be no words or explanation that would suggest that you would understand what that would taste like? Even if you were an expert squid ink and garlic consumer would you be able to even imagine that taste?

So if you want to find out what mindfulness does for you then give it a real go, give it a chance and don’t doubt that it will do something. Your doubt will create and defense that keeps you safe from ever changing the unhappiness into happiness, it keeps you safe in what you know and protects you from the greatest joy you can imagine.

THe changes are gradual, incremental, and often seem not to be working, but if you keep it you, even if you don’t find it that niceto do, you will find the rest of your life is starting to change around you because you are changing from the inside.

And that is where we find true happiness.