keeping up the effort, keeping going with keeping going.

If we want to be truly happy we need to put much effort into that very thing. It is an investment that pays dividends worth everything — so put your all into it. Enjoy that effort, celebrate the practice of mindfulness, keep monitoring yourself to work out you motivation, your choices, your responses, how you feel and what you are thinking in this moment.

There are many balls to keep in the air here, much juggling to do, having fun with it, playing with it, and keeping it fresh, is all part of the diligence to enjoy being happy.

If you are unable to keep all the balls in the air at once just focus on those you can manage and work them until they become easier, then pick up a new one and include that until that too becomes second nature.

The most important thing is not to stop working at it, not to give up the effort, and if you make sure you enjoy that process it isn’t hard to continue it too. If I look back over a couple of decades and see how far I have come, I cannot imagine ever going back to any of the people I once was and what she experienced in life. I feel great compassion for her struggles but I know she made it through, and I know she would also want me to keep going for both our sakes. Keep on, work with it, work it through enjoy it and love being happy.