living according to your true nature

Your true nature is loving and kind, it is gentle and wise.

Your true nature is buried beneath a whole load of superficial rules and emotional debris and insecurities.

So dig it out and take a good look.

There are just 5 rules to being true to yourself, to your true nature.

Honour and respect the life and existence of all others

Learn the art of true happiness — what this magazine is all about

Learn the art of true love

Listen deeply and speak lovingly to others and be fully present as much as you can be for others and yourself

Be loving and ethical in all forms of consumption

These five principles, often called mindfulness trainings or precepts, are a guidance for you to follow as much as you are able. See how you feel if you live against these principles, and with them, and see which makes you feel better in side; not instant gratification but deeper self acceptance and love.

Working on it as a ‘work in progress’ is the approach to take, no -one can ever get them completely completely right all the time.

Do you best to be your best.