The Four Noble Truths

Very simple really, and undeniably true however you want to argue it.

1. life includes struggles and suffering, chaos and cruelty and lots of icky stuff. Nobody wants it but it sticks to us like glue.

2. life also includes lots of good stuff, happiness joy love etc. So there are ways of unglueing ourselves. It is not unremittingly horrendous all the time or not forever.

3. if we want to get more of no. 2 then we have to understand what creates no.1 i,e, learn how to deal with the nasty stuff in life, easy right — well not so easy in reality, that is why so many people get stuck at this point.

4. but if you really want to achieve this, then it takes commitment, and hard work, and lots of other skills we have to develop along the way but this is how you do it, the eight fold pathway to living happily in the world. more on that tomorrow. Remember though you are not changing who you intrinsically are at your core, you are just getting rid of the icky stuff.

The take-away message from this though is that there is suffering for everyone, and you may have had your own personal brand of particularly nasty suffering but then so have other people — it is not personal — it just happened to be you it happened to and you — like me — are left to clear the pile of shit up.

And sometimes it is entirely horrific and unbelievably hard, that struggle is part of that suffering, it really is, so we have to stop struggling with the abuse and unhappiness too, we have to find better ways to embrace it.

Once you start to recognise that this happens to all of us in one way or another, you can embrace a ‘we’re all in this together’ approach rather than a ‘why me, this sucks, it isn’t fair’ approach which is harder to live with ad although understandable, and makes it all harder, even the good stuff gets spoiled by this sttitude. Like a group of people can share tackling a really shitty job and not mind it so much, can even find fun in dealing with the shit.

OH and if you don’t think I know what I am talking about then read some of my other pieces. I know what I am talking about I really do. But if you don’t want to trust me that is your choice. if you want to consider I am fraudulent or something ignorant in some way then feel free to think that, it is your right to think what you like and to think that about me if you choose; it says way more about you than it does about me anyway. always open to genuine feedback for genuine dharma discussions though — always up for a challenge especially fair ones.

All I want is for those who come onto this series of blogs, and join me in these posts, to embrace their journey and take hands together — to walk this together — to learn together — to explore and discuss and see what comes next.

Think you can do that with me, with that attitude — great you’re already on the path.

So let us get stuck in!

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