Those sticky complicated things called feelings — are they your boss?

They can really take us on a roller coaster of a ride through life if we let them, and mostly we do. But with mindfulness you can start to take the control back, little by little.

Feelings are only a response to the experience of life that we have. Since the experience is entirely subjective and based on how we interpret the information coming into our body, the feelings are equally subjective and limited in their actual realness, and yet we give them complete power over our life. We put them in charge of our quality of life.

The other way to look them is to realise that they are not real, Can you see a feeling, can you touch a feeling? NO! You only feel them and that make them feel real. If we leave it at that then we believe our feelings are what is real and off we go, taking that train ride into wherever those feelings want us to go, and no one driving the train. NO ONE DRIVING THE TRAIN. Think about that simple fact. THat is how most people live and they are not very happy about it.

It is really very simple, learning mindfulness is like learning how to take the controls of your runaway train and bring it gently back onto the right tracks.

When you do this you are in control in a gentle relaxed way, not a rigid fear based way, and that makes you quite powerful because you can be certain that happiness is a huge part of that choice, part of being the train driver, part of choosing how to both interpret and then respond to the information coming at you. Life is much nicer from that position, much simpler, much kinder, much more stable and grounded, much more honest.

Feelings are the second skanda.

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