Walking life on the highwire

It takes enormous skill to walk a highwire, skills of balance, and in many ways this is such a good analogy of life generally.

Life can feel like a narrow path between survival and destruction at times. At other times it can be like a romp through grassy meadows, and many shades in between. The best possible way to experience these variation is to stay stable and calm. Life will do what life will do. Melodrama adds nothing and solves nothing.

Equanimity is the fourth immeasurable mind and in many ways it is the most important since it allows the other three to remain stable too. If each person can remain joyful, compassionate, and loving at all times then we have achieved equanimity. If we can remain consistent then we will find ourselves full of love, compassion and joy at all times. They all support each other and evolve alongside each other. I could not work on just love or compassion in isolation ofthe others. In learning to be more compassionate to myself and other I automatically was able to love more deeply and loving opens the heart which makes one more joy filled. My most ecstatically joyful moments are when I am experiencing the most compassionate loving thoughts and feelings towards everything including myself equally.

So equanimity brings it all together and keeps us in that good space for our own sake and for others. That is the gift of the practice of mindfulness and meditation, that stability and consistency, that focussed attention to the reality of the present moment and seeing things as they truly are instead of the distortions of human ego perceptions.

What is more equanimity just makes life easier to live through, the ups and downs ad little more than slight undulations, the challenges remain just that and do not overwhelm, and each experience is lived fully in its own way as we embody the impermanence of every moment as it melts into the next one. equanimity really does bring a lot of benefits with it but it cannot be forced. I have met people who retain fixed external personas, who appear to be unchanging, but this is not equanimity this is rigidity. Equanimity retains the fluidity of free responses to life and keeps it all stable. Equanimity rocks, I love it