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dHEDGE Community Contributors

We are pleased to announce opportunities for the community to contribute to dHEDGE. This is another step to decentralized governance and protocol contribution.

As such, the guidelines below aim to outline a clear and transparent framework that addresses the guiding tenets, how to onboard as a worker, compensation structures and much more.

Guiding Principles

  • The dHEDGE ecosystem is seeking independent thinkers and contributors who understand the vision of the DAO and share an eagerness to build out the protocol’s product and community.
  • The EcoDAO will strive to achieve contributor transparency by creating an open worker environment that is guided and iterated on by the dHEDGE community.
  • dHEDGE will offer competitive and flexible rewards that can be dynamically adjusted with industry worker demands.

How to Onboard as a Contributor

  • Join the dHEDGE Discord: Join the dHEDGE Discord channel and introduce yourself to the community. Begin to contribute, understand and add value to the community.
  • Express your interest: Join the #Contributor-Proposal channel in the discord and submit an expression of interest to commence as a contributor. Share your skill set and how you would like to be involved in the EcoDAO. The community and council will review and provide feedback on the initial expression of interest — before proceeding to a formal proposal.
  • Submit your proposal: Visit the dHEDGE forum and submit a proposal that includes your relevant experience, what you propose to do for the DAO, your expected reward and your estimated time commitments.
  • One week feedback period: The contributor proposal will remain open for feedback for a seven day period on the dHEDGE forum. The community and council will be able to review your proposal, provide feedback and outline next steps.

Contribution Types

Full-time / Part-time / Percentage period: Community contributors are welcome to engage the EcoDAO on a FT, PT or PP basis. Contributors must clearly outline in their proposal what they intend to work on for the relevant time frame. For example, a Solidity Developer can work for the full 40 hours per week and become a Full-time contributor. They will liaise with the development team to ensure they are contributing the proposed hours and are adding value.

Bounties: The EcoDAO welcomes one-off contributors who are interested in creating marketing content, educational content or anything else that adds value to dHEDGE. If you have created something, or have an idea that you believe will promote dHEDGE — submit proof of work or the concept to the forum or Discord. The community and council will then signal whether they believe it is value adding and will work with you on putting together fair compensation.


  • Creating marketing content/animations
  • On-boarding a new dHEDGE fund manager
  • Creating YouTube video tutorials
  • Creating a blog that has gotten traction

Contributor Compensation

Contributors will earn a 50/50 split of DHT and USDC. Contribution payments will be made on the last week of every month.

More About dHEDGE

dHEDGE is a decentralized asset management protocol connecting the world’s best investment managers with investors on the Ethereum blockchain in a permissionless, non-custodial, trustless fashion. dHEDGE aims to democratize the investing experience leveraging the unique capabilities of Ethereum and Synthetix.

dHEDGE is supported by some of the biggest names in crypto, including Framework Ventures, Three Arrows Capital, BlockTower Capital, DACM, Maple Leaf Capital, Cluster Capital, Lemniscap, LD Capital, IOSG Ventures, NGC Ventures, Bitscale Capital, Divergence Ventures, Genblock Capital, Trusted Volumes, Altonomy, Continue Capital, The LAO, bitfwd (比特未来) and Loi Luu, Co-Founder and CEO of Kyber Network.

Join the dHEDGE community on Discord, Twitter, Telegram English language, Telegram Chinese language and on WeChat.




dHEDGE is a decentralized asset management platform that democratizes the access to advanced blockchain technology based assets.

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