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Knowing DhiWise in a better way

DhiWise focuses on optimizing the use of intellect overuse of cache memory stored in the human body to perform and excel at monotonous tasks. Optimal use of intellect is the very pre-requisite for outputs that can change the world for a better and level playing field for everyone.

One of our key results is to optimize working hours for developers where they can use intellect for 8 hours straight and let life happen in the rest of 16 hours. If done properly, this is the fastest way to achieve work-life-balance where work becomes joy, joy becomes life and life becomes a balanced equation where the need for preferential treatment to work or family is outdone by satisfaction and focus across all aspects.

Optimising the use of intellect is a long shot. Software development life cycle is an uncontrolled chain reaction where the output of the next sprint is different than the previous one, this happens almost with every sprint. This is one of the reasons why software project comes at the bottom of the list if ranked with other industries in terms of timely deliveries and cost adherence.

What problems does DhiWise tackle?

We intend to tackle cost adherence first because it is easier than controlling time. What is cost? Economy defines the cost as a comparison of focus between the selected course of action against an alternate course of action. It can be defined in money, time and other resources. For example: If a software developer chooses to work 10 hours on his anniversary, instead of celebrating with his spouse, the financial cost is lower and emotional cost is higher. Given he has more affection towards his spouse than his work (natural assumption).

Identification of activities that incur higher financial and lesser intellectual cost is the key to optimize the use of intellect. Here’s an example: software developers start development work by setting up the project, folder structure, policies, services, writing a set of APIs for operations such as CRUD, pagination etc. Project setup is a bundle of activities that are essential to the project, tedious in nature and looks daunting to almost every software developer.

The repetitive nature of this task leads to replicating project setup from past projects, this ends up adding more layers of complexity than required. A software development lead spends a major chunk of his/her time advising people where to write code and how to reference it rather than evaluating quality and leading the team to the successful completion of the project. What’s more ironic is that folder structure, project setup and patterns to write APIs vary from team to team even though the nature of projects can be overlapping or almost the same.

Woes of software developers

It is completely rational for a software developer to whine about the project setup process. They are like military personnel who signed up and passed through gruelling training, hoping to get some action, only to end up at airports for security checking of millennials. Of course, the job is important, but because it requires less military experience, its logical to deploy non-military resources for it so soldiers can do what they do best, provide security. Similarly, project setup is important and essential to a successful software project; however, because it is mostly an instructional process and requires lesser intellectual investment with every iteration, we could do something about it. So that coders can do what they do best — build intelligent programs.

A software developer needs to apply a few minutes of thinking and a few hours of typing to set up a project. We intend to free up the typing time by providing a platform, where setting up a project and building models is engaging, accurate and requires few minutes to get done with. What’s more, it creates CRUD APIs with a single click rather than someone typing everything manually. Software developers can download the code and move on to more valuable tasks in no time.

What difference does DhiWise make?

Having an alternate way of setting up project not only shortens the time but also polishes intent and encourages software developers to make better decisions and set up projects in the best possible way. This approach eliminates the replication and stimulates the experimental nature of coders.

Because it can be done within minutes rather than hours, doing it three times wouldn’t hurt the timeline as much as doing it once the conventional way. This improves the quality of consequent tasks and results in a high-quality product. Software development relies heavily on innovation, innovation comes from experiments and experiments incur costs. What we intend to do is provide a way for coders to experiment and improve the quality of their work without being worried about the economics of it.



DhiWise Updates

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