DhiWise Node.js is now Open Source and there is so much we are stoked about!

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3 min readNov 24, 2021


Let us double back a few months. The days when the team hardly slept and kept tweaking the Node.js code to make our app builder a reality. Each hour was laden with possibilities, threats, and opportunities to achieve something as monumental as the Node.js Builder that would make server-side app development a walk in the park.

But was it the end of the road for us? Not by a long shot at DhiWise, we made sure to incrementally incorporate new features into the existing set of thrills, only to make the Node.js Builder by going open-source as a ‘ Node.js Code Generatormore interactive, more productive, and more reliable. What lacked was another set of eyes, something that went beyond the team and allowed us to understand the quality of our offering from the perspective of you, the developers.

The Vision

As an interface that goes by the tag i.e. ‘A 100% Developer-Centric ProCode platform’ it was only appropriate to push the proprietary DhiWise code open-source to involve developers in the process of bettering this app development resource.

Our open-source approach: Transparency over Anything Else

Unlike other open-source projects that partly reveal the UI essentials, at DhiWise we have made it a point to offer extensive code access — — something that lays the very foundation of the Node.js Builder’s UI.

And guess what? We are laying bare a majority of the tech-stack relevant to our Node.js Builder for you to work on in our ‘Node.js Code Generator, which uses Node.js for server-side development, React.js for the client-side interface, and Jest for feature testing.

Going open-source, we would like you to contribute to every aspect of the code generator. And on top of that, submitting features or fixes are as easy as using our app builder itself.

What makes our Open-source Initiative Stand out?

With open-source exposure, we plan on bringing select aspects of

DhiWise Node.js Builder into the developer’s purview, with access to:

  • Auth models
  • API accessibility
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Model Management
  • Clean Code and MVC architecture
  • Constants
  • Choice of database & more

And code-level access to all the mentioned components and resources is duly backed by ESLint checks and workflows for static code analysis, just to make the open-source vigil transparent and inclusive.

For details kindly refer to this resource file.

In time, we expect this open-source initiative to help make our Node.js Code Generator more relevant and scalable with improved community support. Plus, the easy-to-contribute-to Git setup even ensures top-notch collaboration and code robustness, so we will certainly have some brilliant developer minds contributing to our vision.


With open-source, we are actually investing in Node.js Builder’s future, by making it more receptive to improvements, fixes, and standout suggestions. With DhiWise actively pushing out to other native, cross-platform, and web app builders, we might include similar perspectives for the developers to collaborate with.

And we hope each one of you would contribute and play a major role in making this open-source vigil a standout success.



DhiWise Updates

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