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What you need to know about No Code and how has it affected the software development industry

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  1. Website builders
  • Having no code platforms at disposal to build and validate value propositions of the idea is no less than a boon for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • No code platform also comes in handy for larger organizations to carry out individual initiatives and experiments without compromising existing bandwidth.
  • While providing an efficient pull to the non-technical workforce to the technical arena, no-code platforms also help reduce errors and iterations as the control of building a program largely remains in control of an individual.
  • The biggest benefit of the no-code platform can be real-time results. Activities like answering a few questions or doing drag-n-drop for an hour results in a software interface. This is revolutionary as it hasn’t been achieved in any other branch of engineering so far.
  • Programs built on no-code platforms usually include inputs of small user groups or mostly one. This limits the underlying architectures and business rules of the interface to a limited user base. Scaling the program for larger use requires re-engineering, sometimes more expensive than engineering.
  • Debugging a software interface to analyse underlying flaws or strengths becomes next to impossible as the platforms use layers of code to convert inputs on canvas into code.
  • Isolating code for reuse is also a problem as most of the no code program has a translation layer of code intricately embedded in the relevant code.
  • Dependency on no code program opens the risks of uptime, scalability and functionality.
  • A business with an app built on a no-code platform can have 1000 customers, yet, the business itself is a customer to a no code platform. Customer grievances become more painful to resolve B2C2C business model.



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