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Why to build Flutter Apps on this unknow “Pro-code” platform?

“It’s Time To Go Beyond Just Figma To Code”

Are you a Flutter developer? Learn about the exciting tools and platforms to convert Figma design to Flutter code in minutes and how you can speed up your front-end development and beyond with the DhiWise.

Developers and IT firms constantly seek new ways to build better apps in minimum time. Ultimately, this never-ending competition to quickly deliver better has brought a plethora of software tools and technologies to the market that aims to minimize software development efforts.

However, it might be overwhelming to choose the right tool for your software project in the case you are not clear about the development goals and the capabilities of the tools and technologies that you wish to choose.

The same is applicable for the Flutter app developers who aim to accelerate their cross-platform app development using Figma to code tools provided by Flutter Flow, Figma, Adobe XD, or FlutLab.

In this article, we are going to explore different tools, and platforms available for Figma to Flutter conversion and why DhiWise can be the best choice if you are planning for full-stack Flutter app development.

So, stay tuned…

‍Popular tools, and platforms available in the market to convert Adobe XD and Figma to Flutter code.

1. Figma to Flutter plugins by Figma platform

Figma is an advanced collaborative UI design and prototyping tool that comes up with idle features for the entire design process. It caters to all the needs of individual designers and teams alike. And at some places where it lacks, a vast collection of plugins are there to fill up the void.

Figma itself doesn’t have any feature to convert its design into UI code, but it offers some plugins. Few of these plugins are used to convert Figma to Flutter code.

Following plugins are used to convert Figma design to Flutter and other code(Shown in the snap).

  1. DhiWise Figma to code (Kotlin, Swift , Flutter, and React.js)
  2. Figma to Code(HTML, Tailwind, Flutter, SwiftUI)

1. DhiWise Figma to code plugin (Flutter, Android, iOS, React.js )

The plugin converts Figma design to Kotlin, Swift, React.js, and Flutter code minutes. The plugin is developed by DhiWise Private Limited.

How does it work?

  • Install the plugin and sign in/sign up to DhiWise
  • Select the technology in which you want to convert your code [iOS (Swift), Flutter, Android (Kotlin), or React (Web)]
  • Wait for a few minutes and receive the downloadable source code in your registered email.

Learn more about DhiWise Figma to Code Plugin.

2. Figma to Code(HTML, Tailwind, Flutter, SwiftUI)

With this open-sourced plugin, developers can convert Figma layout into responsive web pages in HTML, Tailwind, Flutter, or Swift.

How does it work?

It claims to optimize the layout before the conversion from design to code begins. If the items are aligned and auto-layout is off it will internally consider them as AutoLayout. It converts standard Figma nodes to AltNodes.‍

2. Adobe XD plugin

Adobe XD provides open-sourced plugins to directly convert the UI designed in Adobe XD to Flutter application.

How does it work?

  1. Make sure you have XD installed.
  2. Install Adobe XD plugin.
  3. Select a layer or group in XD and copy dart code to the clipboard or export the entire artboard as Flutter widgets to use in the project.
  4. As you run the plugin it instantly updates the app’s project without any manual work. Click here to find out more about the plugin.‍

3. Flutter Flow

Flutter Flow is a low code tool for building beautiful functional iOS applications.

How does it work?

  1. Create a free account to start using Flutter Flow.
  2. With the Flutter Flow builder convert Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD code to Flutter code. It’s easier to grab a pre-build screen and adjust the style to match the application theme.
  3. Users can take advantage of 50+ templates, and 60+ widgets to build Flutter app UI. Explore more about the Flutter Flow Low code platform.‍

4. FlutLab IDE

FlutLab is a Flutter online IDE to create, debug and build cross-platform projects.

How does it work?

  1. Sign in or Sign up with the FlutLab.io
  2. Use Figma info such as Project link and Token id to fetch Figma design to the FlutLab IDE.
  3. Just click Build Project to generate Flutter Code.

Find out more about FlutLab here.‍

5. DhiWise

DhiWise is a modern ProCode platform for web and mobile application development. It supports advanced technologies such as Node, React.js, Swift, Laravel, MongoDB, Kotlin, and Flutter. Let’s find out how does its Flutter app builder works

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for DhiWise.
  2. Select Flutter technology for app development.
  3. Fetch your design from Figma into DhiWise.
  4. Customize your app frontend.
  5. Generate Flutter Code.

So, now you know about the tools and platforms that can convert Figma to Flutter code, but how to choose one among them. The answer is simple, just ask a few questions to yourself to conclude.

  1. Do you just want to convert Figma design to Flutter code?
  2. Do you want to follow the standard app development approach and don’t want to use any Low-Code or No-Code platform?
  3. Do you want to speed up only front-end app development by customizing Flutter code before generating the final code from Figma design?
  4. Are you searching for a full-stack development platform to speed up your cross-platform app development with Flutter?‍

Case 1: Use plugins if you are following the standard code development approach and do not want to go with any development platform.

In such a case, developers can use Figma or Adobe XD plugins we have discussed above, and convert Figma or Adobe XD design directly to the downloadable Flutter code.‍

Case2: Only dealing with the front-end app development and want to view and customize the code before or after generating the final one from the Figma design.

The best way to accelerate your front end app development while being in the power of making customization to your Flutter code is,

The above option lets you customize your Flutter code using the platform or IDE which is not possible in the case of plugins.‍

Case 3. Searching for the comprehensive solution that empowers developers to quickly build full-stack Flutter applications using a single platform with customization flexibility.

With DhiWise developers don’t need to look for other platforms to get their frontend and back-end job done.

The platform provides a Flutter app builder that converts Figma design to Flutter code in a few steps while allowing developers full flexibility for customization.

Plus, it lets them choose from the app template they like, create actions to handle UI interaction, override widget functionalities with lifecycle methods, and manage APIs.

For backend development, DhiWise supports technologies such as Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB which is an awesome stack for custom backend development.

Also, we have already got familiar with the DhiWise Figma to Code plugin.

Overall, DhiWise ensures developers have all the resources to build fantastic Flutter applications in less time.‍

Wrapping Up

From the above information, it’s clear that DhiWise is the best fit for your Full-stack Flutter app development and saves lots of development time by quickly generating app code.

Well, we have learned about the different Figma to Flutter solutions and when to use what. Now it’s up to your choice and development needs to get the right tool or platform.

So, go beyond just Figma to code, it’s time to embrace the traditional app development with a revolutionary ProCode platform. Sign up with DhiWise and experience the change you deserve.



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