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Web3 & DAO News: Week 37, 2022

It’s the DIA Community Hub News Thread and we’re back with the top Web3 and DAO ecosystem news that would interest you in a post-Ethereum-Merge world!

An overview of the most exciting Web3 and DAO news, as well as their direct sources for you to explore more. So settle in DIAmonds and let’s get you up to speed with the latest Web3 happenings!

Panda DAO To Dissolve After Internal Conflict — @Cointelegraph

  • The conflict between users and the development team jeopardizes the @PandaDAO_Office project.
  • A referendum has been issued by the #DAO to return all investor assets.

World Economic Forum Launches a New Web3 Sustainability Coalition — @KitcoNewsNOW

  • The coalition will investigate how #Web3 and #blockchain tools can be utilized to achieve positive climate action.

Vitalik Argues Why DAOs Should Shun the Corporate Approach — @Protos

  • @VitalikButerin makes claim in an article published on his website.
  • He also hits back at critics who claim that #DAO governance is “inefficient”

EthereumPoW (ETHW) Announces Its First Ecosystem List — @Utoday_en

  • Invites startups interested in building on the @ethereum #PoW (#ETHW) #blockchain.
  • A number of #DEXes and #DeFi #protocols have applied for the index listing.

JPMorgan CEO Criticizes Cryptocurrencies in His Congress Testimony — @business

  • @jpmorgan CEO, Jamie Damon calls #bitcoin a “#decentralized #ponzi scheme.”


Cryptocurrency Markets Dive Following Comments from Fed Chair and JPMorgan CEO — YahooFinance

  • Cryptomarkets are down sharply after @federalreserve chair, Jerome Powell and #jpmorgan CEO, Jamie Dimon both voiced regulatory concerns.

️Cryptography Network Raises $13M to Bolster Web3 Autonomy and Interoperability — @CoinDesk

️Tornado Cash DAO’s Code is Back on GitHub — @decryptmedia

  • @github has unbanned the @TornadoCash #DAO and its contributors on their platform.
  • Code repositories for the #Ethereum-based $token mixer were relisted Thursday.

That’s it for our recap of the major #Web3 and #DAO happenings in the past week.

Next week, your education hub and Twitter mailman — the DIA Community Hub, will deliver your regular issue of the most trendy news.📬

Written by Temiloluwa Hamzat

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