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2022 in Review: DAO Development

In 2022, DIA journeyed further down its roadmap to complete decentralization across all business verticals. In the process, we attained reached milestones and recorded tremendous progress in terms of community growth and development, governance and overall organizational structure.

📍 Milestones and Achievements

DIA Work DAO Inception

DAO Community Growth

DIA Community Hub Launch:

⏫ DAO Developments


Organizational Structure

🌐 Governance Updates

GDPs — General DIA Proposals

CDRs — Custom Delivery Requests

CARs — Community Approval Requests

🏗 Community Building

Community AMA

Community Hangout

Fun Events

🤝 Community Partnerships

OKC — Free NFT Mints

Dework — Project and Bounty Management tool

Crew3-Community Quests

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