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Community AMA, December 2022

Here is a recap of the 14th Community AMA, a monthly session where the DIA Team will answer DIA’s community questions and suggestions on the DIA Telegram Community Chat.

1. Can you highlight the main achievements in terms of product in 2022?

2. DIA announced a lot of partnerships lately. What’s the most up-to-date number of partners?

3. Are there any new oracle or data products coming up in the near term?

4. Compared to other oracles, which areas of product or tech do you believe DIA is a better one and why?

5. How does DIA work with gaming projects?

6. How expensive is it to use DIA oracles for our dApp?

7. What roles does WASM play in Web3 and how can DIA make a difference here?

8. Is there a staking platform where I can stake my DIA tokens? And if yes, what is the APR?

9. What are the main achievements on the side of the DIA community so far?

10. What is the current involvement of the DIA DAO contributors in the daily ops?

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