Community AMA, February 2023

Here is a recap of the 15th Community AMA, a monthly session where the DIA Team answers community questions and suggestions in the DIA Telegram Community Chat.

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DIA is hosting a monthly Telegram AMA session with the core team. The aim of this monthly event is to improve direct communication between DIA and it’s community, by collecting community concerns and suggestions and having the DIA core team answer them.

Below is a recap of the 15th Community AMA that took place on February 7th, 2023. In this 15th Community AMA, we had with us Dillon Hanson, BizDev Manager, Zygis Marazas, Head of Product, and Anze Noc, Community Architect at DIA. Lets take a look at what was discussed:

  1. I saw the recent DIA partnership with Algem, providing price feed for $nASTR. Is this planning to support the Liquid Staking Derivatives ecosystem?

You are right. We recently joined forces with Algem, the native Liquid Staking protocol in the Astar Network. The Algem team needed a reliable price feed for their nASTR token to expand the token’s utility,enable its integration into different DeFi dapp’s and increase value and utility for the token users. To fulfil that need rightly, we launched a price feed for the Liquid Staked Derivate.

Due to the low number nASTR of transactions, volume and liquidity of nASTR, and standard market/trade-based price feed would be relatively vulnerable to market manipulation-based oracle exploits. To fix this, we developed a price feed for nASTR employing a methodology based on fair price evaluation. You can read more in the recent announcement:

We continue our development in this area and will be happy to share more details with our community and partners very soon. Stay tuned for now!

2. In terms of product, what are the main focus areas for DIA in 2023 and beyond? Are you planning on launching new oracle products or focus on improving the already existing ones?

Web3 is rapidly developing. While we continue delivering our core products, we are focusing resources on adapting to the needs of the market and building great products for the market’s current needs.

Also, it is our priority to take security, which is the core element of our platform architecture, to higher levels. This priority will include upgrades in automation and computation in the following months. In addition, new upgrades lay the foundation for the creation of novel AI-based data applications (analysis, auditing and reporting to name a few) on top of DIA datasets and architecture.

Many hacks in 2022 have negatively affected the entire ecosystem in terms of risk management. We will deliver updates and upgrades in risk and monitoring. Additionally, we are planning to integrate with more marketplaces to bolster our data feeds and reduce CEX native risks.

Finally, during 2023, DIA will be venturing into more state-of-the-art data and oracle products that are set to enable more sophisticated DeFi products. We will be continuing to build the data layer of Web3 in 2023. Stay tuned for news on this in the following weeks.

Learn more about our latest posts explaining DIA’s initiatives for 2023:

3. NFT discord bot continues to be developed? What is the latest status?

DIA community is still developing a free-to-use NFT sales tracking tool for Discord-driven communities. While the bot is still in beta it’s capable of delivering sales notifications according to predetermined parameters, such as price threshold, collection address and so on.

Here are the main use cases of the DIA Discord bot:

— Get floor price, volume and last trades for NFT Collections
— Live tracking of NFT Collection sales
— Live tracking of large NFT sales

You can visit Technical Documentation for more detail and test:

4. The team has previously mentioned a self-service infrastructure for oracles, what does that mean and is this still a plan for DIA in the future?

In order to enable frictionless and autonomous interaction with DIA’s data library and allow anyone to create data feeds for their specific use case, we launched DIA xStream.

xStream is DIA’s self-service tool to customise and create any API endpoint, without the need to interact with the core developers. Users can specify their data requirements including source markets, processing parameters such as pricing methodology, time range, window size, update triggers and frequency, and many more. xStream is currently in production mode and used by dApps.

You can visit DIA xStream and build your custom feeds:

Also, we continue R&D to offer better operational excellence and high autonomy for oracle feed deployments. In line with this, in the next months, we will introduce new tools to make the deployment and management of oracle feeds a seamless process. Stay tuned for news in the next few weeks.

5. What are some of the ecosystems that DIA is currently strongest at and why? What other ecosystems are especially in focus for the expansion?

Of the 33 blockchains we are serving, some of the ecosystems which we currently have a very strong and growing presence in are Polkadot parachains such as Astar Network and Moonbeam, as well as ecosystems outside of Polkadot such as Ethereum, Polygon, Evmos, Arbitrum, Metis, & Telos.

Some of the reasons we have a particularly strong presence in these ecosystems include the fact that DIA is very quick and often one of the first oracle providers to deploy its services onto new chains. This, for example, has been beneficial in supporting a large share of the Polkadot ecosystem’s oracle needs. Additionally, DIAs innovative and diverse product-suite enables the unique support for dApps of all different types of use-cases, such as DeFi, NFT-fi, Gamefi, StakeFi (with LSDs) and more.

In terms of ecosystems we are placing specific focus on, we are rather agnostic to identifying specific chains and more focused on following the demand for DIA oracles. That being said, so far in 2023 we have seen notable growth and demand within the Arbitrum and Optimism ecosystems.

6. Really happy about the airdrop for 2022 voters. Is there a plan to have such airdrop also for 2023 voters?

We believe that one of the most important building blocks of decentralisation are community-centred discussions, proposals and also votes. Therefore, we are happy to see the community being rewarded for its outstanding job in the governance and validation side during 2022. It felt natural to see such proposals being brought up and voted on. However, it will not be possible to say anything definitive yet, as the 2023 incentives are dependent on the next treasury vote in December 2023. So, let’s use the airdrop to tease people into voting. It is up to the DAO!

7. I’ve noticed a collaboration with Apollo on Crew3 and on Trivia. Are there going to be more community-focused collabs like this in the future?

Yes, we are looking forward to connecting with more innovative DAOs and seeking meaningful collaborations through community events and activities. These include Crew3 collabs, dedicated Trivia Nights, DAO Talks twitter spaces. Additionally, Part of the DIA DAO architecture involves connecting and establishing new relationships with relevant DAOs and communities by organising community-geared activities such as social media campaigns, virtual events, content and many more.

8. I noticed from the last end of the monthly crew3 quest in DIA DAO, some folks that held the top position in the quest didn’t make it to the reward. Do you think it’s fair to say that the Random selector didn’t do its work correctly? Or is there an explanation for this?

During Crew3 sprints, users collect XP for each quest completed. At the end of each monthly sprint, 8 participants get randomly selected to share the 200$ reward pool (25$ / user). We use “weighted average”, with each XP representing 1 “raffle ticket”. This means that while winners are randomly selected, the higher balance of collected XP provides a higher chance of winning. We use a tool called RandomPicker ( ) to randomly and in a transparent way pick the winners of each monthly sprint. In our Discord server, (“diamond-quest-chat” channel) you can find data about our previous sprints and winners, along with the links to the raffles.

These were the highlighted questions from the community, in this version of the Community AMA.

As we skipped the AMA in January, we also prepared a short recap of DIA’s product achievements in 2022, for those that haven’t been following our updates.

2022 has been a very productive and fast year for DIA. We launched an entirely new brand, presenting the maturing of DIA, and an entirely new homepage and App (, where we combined all DIA’s products and started providing autonomous data services to our user base.

On another note, this year we saw the relentless development of new L2s, designed for specific uses and applications. Builders, users and liquidity are now spreading across these networks. DIA continued enabling this expansion by integrating with 10+ networks, including Optimism, Astar Network, Evmos, Wanchain and many more, in 2022.

See all network integrations in 2022:

With the expansion and development of our product stack, DIA’s data and oracle technology experienced consistent growth in adoption across the DeFi, NFTfi and GameFi spheres. We,ve successfully delivered 20+ new oracle deployments for our partners in 2022 for various use cases (Lending & Borrowing, Stablecoins, NFTfi, DEXs, randomness and other dApps)

See all partnerships in 2022:

Through 2022, DIA focused efforts on improving its product stack by integrating 40 new data sources for its platform, resulting in an increase in asset support and better oracle resilience to attack vectors.

See all data source integrations in 2022:

Have questions for the DIA core team? Submit the questions here and get featured in the next AMA in March 2023:

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