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Community AMA, July 2022

Here is a recap of the ninth Community AMA, a monthly session where the DIA Team will answer DIA’s community questions and suggestions on the DIA Telegram Community Chat.

DIA is hosting a monthly Telegram AMA session with the core team. The aim of this monthly event is to improve direct communication between DIA and its community, by collecting community concerns and suggestions and having the DIA core team answer them.

Here is a recap of the ninth Community AMA:

In this ninth Community AMA, we had with us members Samuel Brackand Anze Noc. Please, welcome to this new session!

1. The company that uses your products has to pay? How you guys earn money by providing your services to another company?

The DIA core team and contributors believe that we are currently still in the infancy of the web3 economy. Similar to the growth tactics in web2 such as Amazon not focusing on profit but growth to transform various verticals we aim to capture value from DIAs usage at a later stage and focus on adoption and fast growth.

With DIA ARTs we have built a first layer of token economic incentives that can be used to monetise the value DIA brings to its users as well as bootstrapping data depth and width while maintaining accessibility and aligning community incentives. We will build the rails further out and complete the necessary infrastructure and incentive systems to capture the value of DIA for all stakeholders.

2. What is the DIA xFloor? How does it work?

DIA xFloor provides smart contracts with real-time price feeds containing the floor value of NFTs, facilitating Web3 builders to easily integrate NFTs into DeFi and enable capital efficiency.

And why are NFT floor prices relevant? They represent the lowest entry price for an NFT within a collection, and it has become one of the most widely used metrics for collectors and investors to help in valuing NFT collections.

Regarding how it works, DIA xFloor is capable of determining NFT price by pulling historical sales data directly from the NFT marketplace’s smart contracts on its respective network and applying fully transparent data processing methodologies. By directly listening to the blockchain transaction and fetching data from the origin, DIA xFloor ensures full data accuracy and transparency.

You can try the feed with the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection: https://api.diadata.org/v1/NFTFloor/Ethereum/0xb47e3cd837dDF8e4c57F05d70Ab865de6e193BBB

3. What are the benefits of working at DIA DAO?

Your efforts in the DIA DAO will co-create an essential part of the Web3 economy: Reliable and trustable data infrastructure. You will acquire and develop diverse skills, connect with and learn from peers and build your reputation within the Web3 and DAO economy.

Regarding the economic incentive, we implement a multi-layered incentive mechanism where contributors earn $ETH and “XP”.

Additionally, $DIA tokens are an extra layer of reward to enable participation in governance and other on-site utilities.

4. How did you get to know and use Dework as “default task management tool”?

After intensive research on bounty management tools for DAOs, we found Dework to be the best tooling solution for the needs of the DIA DAO. Dework is enabling the DIA DAO to seamlessly organise and scale its operations. We are in close communication with the Dework team and mutually contribute to the development of both platforms. Using Dework is very practical for contributors as well as DAO administrators. The interface is designed to be as simple as possible and accessible to everyone.

5. I saw you were using Gitcoin for tech bounties, why not all bounties on Gitcoin? Have you done some research about the bounty or workflow platforms? What platforms have you compared with? Their pros & cons?

From the early days of DIA DAO’s idea of creating a workspace, all contributors spent hundreds of hours researching and discussing. In this process, we examined many platforms such as Gitcoin and Layer3 and many more. We decided to start with Dework for many reasons such as interface, potential partnerships, stability, development. After all our tests and experiences, DeWork has shown us that it is the most efficient platform in terms of Discord integration and contributor management. It was decided to work with Dework because it provides a continuous flow in community communication, while emphasizing the sustainability of the reward flow and payments. That doesn’t mean other platforms are bad or useless.

The fact that the tech bounties are still hosted on Gitcoin is due to the fact that Gitcoin has a great community of contributors, specalised in blockchain development. We have been using Gitcoin since DIA’s inception in 2018 and it has proven to be the best platform out there. We are in the process of integrating the Gitcoin and Dework workflows together, in order to bring the full DAO experience to the tech contributors.

6. Adopting Dework seems not to have gone through a governance vote, is it okay?

As you know, we first tested DIA DAO with a close group of DAO members. Before we could initiate the testing process, a decision had to be made at the discretion of the core contributors. After all the research, it was decided to start the test with Dework. During the initial tests, we gained new experiences with the community. With these experiences we built the current version of DIA DAO. According to our observations and experiences so far, Dework really has a product that is suitable for DIA DAO’s structure and works smoothly.

From now on, since the basic set up is up and running, the DIA DAO will involve the whole community to design the best version of the DAO. To do so, there will be more DAO-operations decisions put to a vote in the future. Besides that, any DAO member can always visit the DIA DAO Forum to discuss ideas, design new processes and propose new votes. https://dao.diadata.org/

7. Can you share some statistics about the DIA DAO bounty program so far? Like, how many contributors are involved, how much ETH is paid via bounty program?

Currently DIA DAO has received well over 100 applications already and 42 applicants have completed the onboarding tasks and became full-fledged DIA Contributors. About 30 more are currently in the process of onboarding as well. +99 tasks have been completed in 7 different guilds and there are 57 open quest. So far $4500+ USD has been paid to contributors.

8. After launching the DIA DAO open alpha last week, what are the next important steps of development of the DIA DAO in this month?

The launch last week was very smooth, and we have seen quite a big influx of new DAO applicants since then. The initial phase of the closed Alpha was focusing on developing the infrastructure of the DAO, the tooling, reporting, learning and setting up the onboarding process for new candidates. While we believe the infrastructure now is solid and well developed, we are sure it will be a continuous learning and development process.

We now entered a new phase, an Open Alpha phase of DIA DAO. Now that the core processes are set, and initial round of talents have joined the DIA DAO, we will focus on the next 3 pillars: — Growth: focus on growing the DIA community in all channels through increased content output and new event formats, while actively sourcing new contributors for DIA DAO — Engagement: encourage and empower community engagement, participation and inclusion through different incentives and activities — Decentralisation: Include the DIA DAO community into more decision-making and discussions regarding the next steps in development of the DAO

You can expect much more bounties to be published, and new high-level DAO-positions to be created, adding even more opportunities to the DAO Contributors. Our aim is slow, organic and steady growth of the DAO along with our talented contributors, who have proven to be an essential part of the whole operation. I am openly inviting anyone who would like to actively contribute to the DIA DAO to join our

Discord:https://discord.gg/nDgNRsKzg9 and get onboarded. You can find a wide variety of tasks to work on, including: copywriting, design, operations, business development, tech / development, human resources, growth… Check out all open bounties in Dework: https://app.dework.xyz/dia-dao

9. How is DIA prepared for a possible prolonged bear market? Is there enough resources to keep the operations going?

The concern is understandable as there have been many layoffs lately in the crypto and wider fintech industry. Nonetheless, we are happy to say the DIA DAO is in a great spot, with all operations running as always and not planning to change this. The treasury is securing the operations of the DIA DAO for a long time with current run rate, including additional potential hires. The project is equipped for the long term — we will be around when the next bull cycle hits! :)

DIA is a cross-chain, end-to-end, open-source data and oracle platform for Web3. The DIA platform enables the crowd-sourcing, validation and sharing of transparent and verified data feeds for asset prices, metaverse data and more. DIA data is simultaneously sourced at a trade level from multiple on-chain and off-chain sources and made available to developers on all relevant layer 1 and layer 2 networks.

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DIA Core Team

DIA Core Team

DIA is a multi-chain, end-to-end, open-source data and oracle platform for Web3. https://go.diadata.org/