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Community AMA, May 2022

Here is a recap of the seventh Community AMA, a monthly session where the DIA Team will answer DIA’s community questions and suggestions on the DIA Telegram Community Chat.

DIA is hosting a monthly Telegram AMA session with the core team. The aim of this monthly event is to improve direct communication between DIA and its community, by collecting community concerns and suggestions and having the DIA core team answer them.

Here is a recap of the seventh Community AMA:

In this seventh Community AMA, we had with us members Samuel Brack and Fedir Makarchuk. Please, welcome to this new session!

1. When will there be a bridge for the DIA on Arbitrum to DIA ETH. Talking about DIA ARTs Staking Rewards?

We are already aware of this topic and are currently working on it. There will be an update in about 2 weeks time. So stay tuned to this channel!

2. Hi everyone, I am new to DIA. Wonder how is DIA positioning among the growing number of oracle projects like Chainlink or Uma.

Welcome to DIA! There are multiple factors that make DIA a unique oracle provider, both from product perspective but also organizational point of view. DIA is an open-source platform and hence, anybody can contribute to its development. From a product perspective, and unique compared to oracles, DIA aggregates raw data directly from the sources such as centralised and decentralised exchanges. This enables DIA to provide full transparency on the data but also the capacity to build feeds for any asset. Currently DIA can offer oracles for 6k+ crypto assets! On top of that, these feeds can be fully customizable for every protocol and use case.

3. Nothing to ask here, just wanted to congratulate the team for the impressively quick deploy of the oracle on the Evmos network. Excited to see DIA partner and integrate with some Evmos protocols.

Thanks for the kind words! Really appreciate! Big up for our development team for launching DIA oracles on Evmos in less than 2 hours after Evmos chain went live.

You can read more about the announcement here: https://medium.com/dia-insights/hello-evmos-dias-oracles-are-live-in-the-evm-hub-on-cosmos-52b67edeadf1

4. I missed the AMA with SpiritSwap and FantOHM, is the recording available anywhere? Could not find it.

Oh, that’s unfortunate. Well, don’t you worry!
You are right, that event took place on Twitter Spaces in collaboration with SpiritSwap and FantOHM. There is a recording of that AMA and will be made available in the next days. So stay tuned for that!

5. Its impressive how DIA keeps adding new data sources to the platform. I would like to know how does this benefit protocols ingesting DIA oracles?

First of all, we are indeed deploying on a weekly basis new exchange scrapers that allow DIA to collect market data from these exchanges. Some scrape market data from CEXs and some from DEXs, but they all keep making the DIA platform more resilient, accurate and broader in term of assets supported. This is how it works:

- On the one hand, DEXs operate on certain blockchain networks such as Fantom or Ethereum. And as you might know, some assets only exists on those networks and are only traded on DEXs of that network. So by deploying these DEX scrapers, it enables DIA to provide price feed oracles for those mentioned assets!

- On the other hand, still today, CEXs carry a big amount of trades, specially for certain assets. This generates a lot trade data that these new DIA scrapers can collect. As a result, this big load of information enables DIA to build even more accurate and reliable oracles, as they are based on more points of reference.

- In conclusion, more data sources help DIA to build more resilient data feeds and more asset to oraclise. You can have a detailed overview of all data sources DIA is integrated with in here: https://docs.diadata.org/documentation/data-sources/natively-sourced-data

6. Can I see a place of all exchanges where DIA is listed? Thanks

Sure, here you can have a list of some of the most popular CEXs and DEXs where DIA is available.

7. Great to see DIA integrating with DEXs and protocols in Fantom. Is DIA focusing on this specific ecosystem? I am bullish on Fantom!

Thanks for the kind words! I personally also like the Fantom community

But DIA is a multi-chain oracle provider and we are working to integrate in all major ecosystems. We are closely working with founders and builders of many L1 and L2 chains, as well as their native DEXs and protocols. As we mentioned before, this brings us secure operations and support for native assets.

Some of the latest ecosystems DIA has entered and we are closely working with include Metis, Astar, Telos and very recently is Evmos.

You can stay up to date with our latest blockchain integrations by visiting our Medium page here: https://medium.com/dia-insights/cross-chain/home

8. What is the long term goal of DIA as a DAO?

The final goal of DIA as a DAO is becoming a full DAO across all project verticals including development, operations, growth and governance. But If the question assumes asking about the goals of the current stage of our path to decentralization, then the goals are such:

Right now we are developing a model to distribute the responsibilities. We are going to do so by leveraging the skills of our community members and are planning to do so effectively by allocating reasonable rewards to incentivize them. And of course, we are planning to partner up with lots of other DAOs for mutual support and collaboration between the communities. These are the goals of the current phase of what overall can be called DIA’s path to further decentralization.

9. Can you please share the progress of the new DIA DAO? It was mentioned on the last AMA and I would like to participate.

Gladly! I think we are making progress so let me share a couple of thoughts about that:

We are seeing some good initial traction. Our early contributors are people from different industries and communities, with heterogeneous skills and even with different reasons to join the DIA DAO. We couldn’t be more excited to see this interest!

Some contributors want to simply work on some bounties for XP and token rewards, while others are there for the long haul and they will go further and progress through the ranks in multiple verticals!

As we have been conducting a number of interviews with some of our early DIA DAO members, we learned that many are actually willing to assume permanent roles in DIA DAO, which requires a great deal of dedication but would also mean a more projectable stream of token rewards.

Right now we have onboarded a first small group of contributors and are ensuring smooth processes and UX. After finishing this phase of testing and interviews, we will enlarge the group more and more and design new tasks and processes to support the growing number of contributors.

You can complete this form to apply for participation: https://forms.gle/j8X2JsuZou8p45zHA We are reviewing these applications daily and if you are selected — I will be in touch to get you onboarded

10. Are there any special rewards for early contributors at DIA DAO?

I like you guys :) There are, of course!

We have already pre-planned some special goodies for the first members who participate in the early testing phase and stick around for a longer period. These include hard rewards but also leadership roles and responsibilities that will grant them more access to certain tasks and better rewards.

For now we decided to keep the goodies secret for now until we grow the alpha testing phase and publish more detailed information publicly across our channels.

Mind though, that at the moment we are still at the Closed Alpha stage, and we won’t be admitting everyone who files the form. We want to start with a small and dedicated group of contributors — hence please complete the form to the fullest extent. Especially mind the questions about your experience with contributing to other DAOs.

With that being said — please do check out the form: maybe you happen to be our next Leader or Ambassador:


DIA is a cross-chain, end-to-end, open-source data and oracle platform for Web3. The DIA platform enables the crowd-sourcing, validation and sharing of transparent and verified data feeds for asset prices, metaverse data and more. DIA data is simultaneously sourced at a trade level from multiple on-chain and off-chain sources and made available to developers on all relevant layer 1 and layer 2 networks.

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DIA Core Team

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