Community Update: August 2020

As last preparations are made for Mondays start of the DIA bonding curve distribution, we want to share with you one last in-depth update.

Aug 2, 2020 · 6 min read

Update from 24.08.2020

Post distribution update

After some days of post-distribution wrap up and some radio silence on our Medium, we want to take a moment to share an update.

With the end of DIA’s Governance Token distribution we look back at a successful campaign. Just shy of 10.000 investors participated in the bonding curve distribution on Gnosis DEX, buying some 10M DIA token. During the the distribution, the token was listed by the community on several DEXs, most notably Uniswap.

DIA was trending on several platforms, being the most talked about coin on Twitter for several days as well as ranking on spot 4 in the search volume on Coingecko and our community on Telegram grew past 7000 members.

After sale end, some ≈20M unsold tokens were burned and the transition to CEXs executed smoothly. Our transparency report has been updated to reflect all these changes.

After closing the bonding curve distribution, we were happy to announce listings on 3 major CEXs: KuCoin, BitMax and OKEx. Pairs available for trading include BTC, USDT and ETH.

Our admins in the DIA Telegram group stand ready to answer any questions that you may have. To touch on the most frequent topics:

  • is no longer accessible. Any funds that have been deposited in the interface can be retrieved via
  • For support regarding the CEXs, please get in touch with the respective CEX support teams.

The team is currently fully focussing on integrations into the ecosystem, expanding our offer of data feeds, planning new product features as well as continuation of CEX listings in order to make DIA as accessible as possible.

Update from 02.08.2020:

Where we stand before the end of the distribution

We are fortunate to have been able to build the interest that we are seeing to date and want to thank our loyal community and supporters who have accompanied us this far as well as all the new members who have joined over the past weeks.

The entire team has been working tirelessly around the clock to make sure that Monday’s governance token distribution will run smoothly and safely for all participants and to answer all your questions in the Telegram community. We continue to test our systems and prepare for tomorrow. Here are some last informations we want to share with you. Please read this diligently.

Private Sale

DIA Association started a private sale in the past weeks. During the sale the maximum amount of 10M tokens was reached 8 days before its official end date and was heavily oversubscribed. The price per token was $0.5 or $0.75 cents for $100k or $10k tickets, respectively. The tokens acquired in the private sale will be allocated to investors after the bonding curve sale on the 18.08.2020 after the end of the bonding curve at 3am CET.


As this question has been raised many times, we want to ensure transparency on this. Token lockups have been put in place for the vast majority of tokens:

  • Team, advisors, early backers: Lockup for 7 months and 13 weeks vesting. Locked by smart contract and legal contracts
  • Private sale: Lockup until after the bonding curve, i.e. 18.08.2020
  • Association reserve: The association reserve of 91.5 M DIA tokens will be unlocked over an annual, linear schedule over 10 years (9.15 M p.a.) following the lock-up of the bonding curve. That means that the first tranche will be unlocked in 2021. In order to decentralise the decision making on the lock-up and usage of the DIA reserve and align the distribution with the interest of all token holders, an annual DIA governance token voting will be held in the last month of the year, starting December 2020, to decide on potential amendments for the subsequent year.

Please refer to our transparency report for a detailed overview and contract addresses.


As the distribution is drawing closer we have been busy building connection with leaders and communities around the globe. Here is an overview of what’s been happening and what we have planned in the coming weeks.


  • Panel: ‘Prophesying the Future of Oracles’ with Outlier Ventures, MakerDAO, Set Protocol, Aave,
  • AMA with Cryptodiffer
  • Press coverage: Rated among top 10 DeFi projects by Benzinga / Yahoo Finance


  • AMAs with Uniswap China (03.08), TGH (04.08), ICO Pantera (06.08), Gains Associates (09.08), Moonwalker (11.08), Young and Investing (18.08)
  • Panels: Finwise 2020 Cloud Summit (05.08), South East Asia DeFi Week (14.08), and more in the pipeline.


Facing growing interest from South East Asia and other regions globally, we have started reaching out to local communities. Interest from China is growing strongly, prompting us to localise our web presence and open WeChat communities. Further outreach is being driven in South Korea, Russia, Vietnam and other regions. We welcome our new community members from around the globe!


The growing interest in the upcoming sale prompted us to revisit our security measures concerning the DIA bonding curve distribution to ensure that we do everything possible to ensure it will run as smoothly as possible. This is an overview of the measures in place:

  • We use Cloudflare as a front-cache to protect our web server against DDoS traffic.
  • Our web server is a dedicated machine serving a static website. Static website means that our interface is cacheable, leading to less requests over time.
  • Failovers set up in multiple data centres for mitigating a potential failure of the entire hoster infrastructure.
  • Failovers with high-capacity cloud providers are set up.
  • Our forked frontend with cosmetic frontend changes:
  • Orders are public when posted, under the tab ‘Order Book’ in the ‘Buy’ interface, so everyone can check that our order book follows the bonding curve.

Last notes before distribution start

Before Monday’s bonding curve distribution of DIA’s governance token, we want to give you a last set of reminders and checks:

Dedicated support channel
We expect the launch time to draw a lot of attention, not only from good actors. Past experience shows that malicious actors will try to cause confusion and steer our community to fake interfaces. That is why we decided to mute our community channel during shortly before and until shortly after the sale start.

We will open a dedicated support channel for aid with the interface and share the link in our Telegram group and announcements channel.

Please only follow links provided by DIA admins in the the DIA group and the announcements group.

We can not stress enough the importance for every distribution participant to be well informed about the DIA Association’s vision, product, team and especially the mechanisms of the sale before allocating their funds. We have done our best to make sure that we are transparent about all these topics. Please Do Your Own Research.

Here is a collection of articles we recommend you study in depth:

As with every project in the blockchain space, growing interest does not only come from honest folk. There are a large number of scammers active, trying to gain your trust with sophisticated techniques. Be cautious and don’t fall for it.

Here are a few tips to help you stay safe:

  • DIA team members will never send you direct messages. Scammers are smart at making it seem like it is a team member. Mark our words: They are not!
  • Do not buy into OTC offers from supposed early investors. Early investor tokens are locked by smart contract or legal contract until at least 18.08.2020. The chances you are being targeted by scammers are high.
  • The DIA coin is not listed on any exchanges. The DIA Assocation will not list the token before August 18. A number of fake exchanges with faked DIA coin listings have emerged. We expect the number to increase until sale start and throughout.
  • If you are ever in doubt, reach out to the official DIA admins in our Telegram group. You will find their IDs in the pinned message. They will be happy to help you.
  • This is the only official DIA token address, in case you need to check:

About DIA

DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) is an open-source, financial information platform that utilises crypto economic incentives to source and validate data. Market actors can supply, share and use financial and digital asset data.

DIA Insights

Updates and insights about the developments on DIA — an…

DIA Insights

Updates and insights about the developments on DIA — an open-source platform for transparent, reliable financial and digital asset data built on blockchain.


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DIA is a Swiss non-profit association that provides open-source access to crowd-verified financial and digital asset data.

DIA Insights

Updates and insights about the developments on DIA — an open-source platform for transparent, reliable financial and digital asset data built on blockchain.

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