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Community Update: August 2022

Here are DIA’s latest updates as of August 2022, including the launch of the DIA Community Hub, oracle deployments, partnerships and integrations with protocols, including the first integration of xFloor, and many other recent happenings.


In the months that passed since the previous community update in May, the DeFi industry has recovered from a long and cold winter in the bear market by 15.30%. It now stands at a TVL (Total Value Locked) of $63 billion, compared to $54 billion at the beginning of the third quarter.

The DeFi ecosystem previously lost 68% in the TVL and experienced a continued liquidity crunch in the second quarter. This recovery was led by Ether going up 56% in value since July, peaking at 91% ahead of the blockchain’s upcoming “Merge.”

Accordingly, DIA intensified its efforts towards product and business development, introducing new product features and updates like DIA xFloor, the customizable floor price oracle and Multi-Randomness, the multi-chain random number generation oracle. Its ecosystem continues to grow steadily, with more partnerships and integrations with major protocols being announced every week.

The DIA DAO is also making significant strides in its objective of complete decentralization across all verticals.

This community update brings you up to speed with the recent happenings in the DIA ecosystem since the last one.

Continue reading to find out more.


In the past months, DIA DAO intensified its efforts to build the DAO community by consistently seeking feedback, organizing community AMAs and calls with contributors, and pushing proposals to discuss and vote on the DIA platform’s features and DAO governance.

CARs — Community Approval Requests

  • CAR #017: FTX | Source — Approved | Learn more
  • CAR #018: NetSwap | Source — Approved | Learn more
  • CAR #019: KuCoin | Source — Approved | Learn more
  • CAR #020: Quick Swap | Source — Approved | Learn more
  • CAR #021: LBank | Source — Approved | Learn more
  • CAR #022: Hermes | Source — Approved | Learn more
  • CAR #023: DFYN | Source — Approved | Learn more
  • CAR #024: Binance US | Source — Approved | Learn more
  • CAR #025: ApeSwap | Source — Approved | Learn more
  • CAR #026: BiSwap | Source — Approved | Learn more
  • CAR #027: Bitmex | Source — Approved | Learn more
  • CAR #028: Stella Swap | Source — Approved | Learn more
  • CAR #029: OKX | Source — Approved | Learn more
  • CAR #030: Crypto.com | Source — Pending approval | Learn more

Proposal Discussion

A new discussion was initiated on the DIA Forum titled the DAO Contributor Leaderboard structure. The context of the proposal was to employ a new ranking methodology and reward structure for the weekly and monthly top-performing contributors in DIA DAO Dework. The topics discussed were to change the XP logic for bounties, with greater rewards, more accurate allocation of XP, and utilization of a new reward structure for the weekly and monthly leaderboards.

Community AMAs

The Community AMAs are a series of monthly sessions wherein the DIA Team answers queries and discusses suggestions by DIA’s community on the DIA Telegram Community Chat.

Here is a recap of the Community AMAs from June to August.

DIA DAO Alpha phase

The DIA DAO Alpha phase is still in progress after its launch in the previous quarter. After internal tests with smaller groups to streamline the onboarding flow, a selected group of members were onboarded to various guilds where their diverse skills and experiences were the most relevant. The selected contributors get handsomely rewarded for their high-quality contributions for DAO development.

DIA Community Hub Launch

The DIA Community Hub was officially launched this month. It is an open-source education platform for DIA DAO contributors. The platform is an avenue to share and access DIA ecosystem news, as well as discuss Web3 and DAO-related topics. An active giveaway is also being run on its Twitter page to support the launch.

Tooling Partner: Dework

The DIA DAO has chosen to utilize Dework’s task management infrastructure to organize and scale its operations. The task management tool provides an overview of the respective DAO guilds, helps manage the tasks and dispense rewards. Contributors are also given real-time access to the DAO leaderboards, which are ranked based on the XP gained by completing tasks.

Community Events

The DIA DAO started to hold events geared towards improving the community on its Discord server. These events were commenced via an icebreaker event, whereby contributors got to introduce themselves and ask questions related to DIA DAO.

This event eventually became the bi-weekly contributor call. Since then, many other community events, such as product deep-dives, live Q&As, the first governance call, and weekly trivia nights, have been hosted on the Discord server.

You can find out more about all major happenings in DIA DAO here.

💎 | Product/Tech

In the past weeks, the tech/development team has concentrated efforts on deploying DIA’s oracle infrastructure across many ecosystems, new and updated existing products, and market scrapers for multiple DEXs and CEXs. DIA also continued to expand its oracle capabilities to support WASM based dApps. Here is a recap of the latest tech developments:

Multi-chain Integrations

Hello Wanchain: DIA’s Oracles are Live on Wanchain Network

DIA’s open-source oracle infrastructure is now integrated with Wanchain, the world’s premier decentralized blockchain interoperability solution.

Hello OKC: DIA Completes Oracle Integration with OKXChain (OKC)

DIA successfully integrated its open-source oracle infrastructure with the smart contract platform OKC, enabling developers on the network to access DIA’s comprehensive data library to build a variety of DeFi and NFTfi dApps.

Hello Boba Network: DIA’s Oracles Live on Boba Testnet

DIA oracles are now integrated with Boba Network testnet, enabling dApp development on the first compute-focused multichain layer-2 scaling solution for EVM-compatible chains.

Hello CLV: DIA Becomes CLV’s Go-To Oracle Provider

DIA becomes the first data and oracle solution of the network, acting as a critical layer of the smart contract platform. DIA oracles will enable dApps deployed on the CLV chain to connect to the outside world data in a trustless manner and expand their GameFi, DeFi and NFTFi use cases, including but not limited to stablecoins, lending and borrowing, and randomness.

You can find out more about DIA Multi-chain Integrations here.

→ Oracle Innovations

DIA xFloor: Transparent, Customizable NFT Floor Price Oracle

The DIA xFloor provides smart contracts with real-time price feeds containing NFT floor prices. This makes NFT integration into DeFi easy, driving mass adoption and enabling capital efficiency. Zumer was the first protocol to integrate DIA’s NFT floor price oracle to power its NFT liquidity protocol.

DIA Multi-Randomness: Distributed Multi-chain Randomness Oracle

In collaboration with drand, DIA Multi-Randomness provides smart contracts with unpredictable and unbiased random numbers, facilitating the development of Web3 use cases across multiple blockchains. DIA multi-randomness is now live on Polygon Network, Moonbeam Network, Astar Network and Wanchain.

The First WASM Compatible Oracles

DIA’s oracle infrastructure has expanded and is now compatible with the WASM development language. Astar and Shiden Networks have integrated DIA’s WASM compatible oracles into their ecosystems, enabling builders to easily connect Web Assembly-based dApps to DIA’s comprehensive data set of DeFi, TradFi and NFTfi assets.

You can find out more about DIA Product Updates here.

Market Scrapers

  • Biswap: The BiswapDEX scraper is now live, enabling DIA to source market data from the Biswap DEX on the BNB Chain to build transparent and customizable price feed oracles. As many assets are only available and traded on blockchain specific DEXs, this product update enables DIA to build price feed oracles for BSC-native assets.
  • SpookySwap: The SpookySwap scraper is now live, enabling DIA to source market data from the Fantom decentralized exchange. With this update, SpookySwap is now a new data source, enabling DIA to build price feed oracles for Fantom-native assets.
  • Apeswap: The ApeSwap scraper is now live, enabling DIA to source market data from the BNB Chain native decentralized exchange. ApeSwap is added as a new data source to the DIA Platform, enabling DIA to build price feed oracles for Binance Chain native assets.
  • ArthSwap: The ArthswapDEX scraper is now live, enabling DIA to source market data from the ArthSwap DEX on the Astar Network to build transparent and customizable price feed oracles. This product update enables DIA to build price feed oracles for Astar-native assets.
  • Crypto.com: The Crypto.com scraper is now live, enabling DIA to collect and aggregate market data from the centralized exchange. As CEXs provide a high trading volume, this integration enables DIA to build accurate and reliable cryptocurrency price feed oracles for Web3. DIA does this by pulling and aggregating every single trade’s price data directly from Crypto.com.
  • Binance: The Binance scraper is live, validating the CEX as a new market data source for the DIA Platform. This enables DIA to build price feed orales for Binance Chain native assets.
  • Bitmex: The Bitmex exchange scraper is now live, enabling the DIA Platform to source market data from the centralized exchange. This integration enables DIA to build accurate and transparent cryptocurrency price feed oracles for Web3.
  • Stellawap: The StellaSwap exchange scraper is live. DIA can now source market data from the native DEX on the Moonbeam Network. This update means that StellSwap is now a new data source, enabling DIA to build price feed oracles for Moonbeam-native assets.
  • Tethys Finance: The Tethys Finance exchange scraper is now live. The MetisDAO-native DEX is now a data source for the DIA Platform. With this update, DIA can build price feed oracles for Metis-native assets.
  • Project Serum: The Project Serum exchange scraper is live. Adding the Solana-native DEX as a market data source enables DIA to build price oracles for Solana-native assets.

Find all data sources and collection methodology in the DIA Documentation.

Find the data sources integrations recap of Q1 and Q2 in the DIA Blog

🤝 | Partnerships/Integrations

DIA’s ecosystem continues to grow as it secures more partnerships and integrations. Its transparent and customizable oracle services are some of the many reasons dApps, protocols, exchanges and launchpads choose DIA as a strategic partner.

Here is an overview of the latest additions to the DIA ecosystem:

  1. Zumer Protocol is a non-custodial liquidity protocol with a novel credit and liquidity risk management mechanism. It allows permissionless loan origination and BNPL for all kinds of NFT assets by segregating different risks to different liquidity providers. Zumer is built by Sumeria Labs. Learn more.
  2. Chainstack is a protocol that provides a single point of access for blockchain projects across any protocol. It allows you to deploy a node to a public network or create a consortium network in just a few clicks.Learn more.
  3. Rikkei Finance is a Web3 platform that encompasses a DeFi lending protocol and an NFT Marketplace, with a specific focus on NFT rentals and NFT-based lending and borrowing mechanisms. Learn more.
  4. GTON Capital is a protocol that solves issues concerning complicated, multi-step user experiences and insufficient liquidity of tokens wrapped in chains other than Ethereum. Its diverse infrastructure includes bridge aggregators, cross-chain wallets, and LP reward farming products. Learn more.
  5. Arka is a gamified DeFi protocol built on top of Polygon, aligning economic interests between devs, creators, and players for the creation of a sustainable long-term distributed DeFi ecosystem and creator economy. Learn more.
  6. NFTY Finance is a cross-chain Web3 authentication layer used for subscription service, loyalty incentives, and access management. NFTY provides verifiable ownership for digital assets. Learn more.

You can find out more about DIA Partnerships and Integrations here. Also, anyone can request custom oracles for dApps or protocols by submitting a CDR on the DIA Forum or contacting the DIA team on Discord.

Find out how to submit a CDR or request oracles on Discord.

🎙 | Events

WASM Conference: WASM — An Essential Building Block for the Future of dApp Development

DIA software developer Nitin Gurbani took part in the first WASM conference, alongside builders of the Astar Network, Acala Network, Parity Tech, Subsquid and Alliance Block.

AMA: Why Build in the Metaverse?

Paul Claudius — DIA co-founder, joined Hanan Nor, Ann-Maria Yanakieva, and Outlier Ventures CEO — Jamie Burke, for the Base Camp AMA session on the metaverse.

Roundtable Discussion: NFTs, DeFi and Oracles

A discussion with PineLoans and BitsCrunch was hosted by DIA on a Twitter space in June. The role of oracles in facilitating the integration of NFTs into DeFi to enable NFTfi (NFT financialization) was discussed.

Polkadot-Decoded, Berlin

DIA was at the Polkadot-Decoded event that took place at Berlin in June. The topics of discussion included all things related to the Polkadot network.

Panels: NFTs, DeFi and Oracles

These were deep dives into how oracles are powering NFTfi use cases, enabling NFT capital efficiency and mass adoption. The two Twitter spaces had DIA co-founder — Paul Claudius, Outlier Ventures CEO — Jamie Burke, and Sumeria Labs’ co-founder — SY in attendance.

Panel: Building in the Astar Network

A deep dive into building in the Astar ecosystem with builders from Astar Degens, AstridDAO, SiO2 Finance, and Starfish Finance.

ETH Community Conference (EthCC) Week, Paris

DIA core contributors were in Paris for the fifth edition of the largest annual European Ethereum gathering — the ETH Community Conference week.

Panel: CeFi, DeFi and Oracles

A discussion about all things CeFi, DeFi and oracles with contributors from the commodity and cryptocurrency exchange Vaultoro and the stablecoin protocol called The Standard protocol.

Borderless Conference, Berlin

DIA co-founder Paul Claudius was one of the speakers at the Borderless Berlin Conference.

📰 | Press

About DIA

DIA is a multi-chain, end-to-end, open-source data and oracle platform for Web3. The DIA platform enables the sourcing, validation and sharing of transparent and verified data feeds for traditional and digital financial applications. DIA’s institutional-grade data feeds cover digital asset prices, NFT floor prices, lending rates, FX rates and more.

DIA’s data is directly sourced from a broad array of on-chain and off-chain sources at individual trade-level. This allows DIA feeds to be fully customized with regards to the mix of sources and methodologies, resulting in tailor-made, high resilience feeds and thereby setting a new paradigm for oracles.

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