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Community Update: March 2022

Here are DIA’s updates and developments till March 2022, including $DIA’s listing on Coinbase, a partnership with the world’s leading crypto index provider, multiple product updates, oracle deployments in new ecosystems and much more.


In the last few months, since our last update in December, the web3 space has gone through volatile periods due to economic and geopolitical turmoil, where the market trend has shifted and has entered a correction phase.

During these months, DIA has continued its development efforts and pushed heavily on various fronts such as improving its DAO governance and decentralisation, compliant product deployment and multiple products updates.

Furthermore, the DIA token got listed on Coinbase making headlines, underpinning a new and more holistic web presence, supported by new partnerships and much more. Continue reading to find out more.


In the last few weeks, the DIA DAO has consistently sought feedback from the community by organizing community AMAs, and put forward many proposals to discuss and to vote around making changes to commonly used filters and methodologies by DIA for its oracle price determination.

CARs — Community Approval Requests

  • CAR #006: Exponential Moving Average (EMA) | Methodology — Approved (learn more)
  • CAR #005: Volume Weighted Average Price with Interquartile Range Filter (VWAPIR) | Methodology — Approved (learn more)
  • CAR #004: Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) | Methodology — Approved (learn more)
  • CAR #003: Median with Interquartile Range Filter (MEDIR) | Methodology — Approved (learn more)

Liquidity Provision Incentive Rewards

In March 2021, a DAO driven initiative was launched to incentivise liquidity provision for $DIA on multiple exchanges. Liquidity providers can now claim their rewards.

Claim here

Community AMAs

Here is a recap of the Community AMAs from January to March, a series of monthly sessions where the DIA Team answers questions and discusses suggestions by DIA’s community on the DIA Telegram Community Chat.

Read March AMA | Read February AMA | Read January AMA

⚙️ Product / Tech

In the past weeks, the tech/development team has concentrated efforts on integrating the DIA oracle on new ecosystems, deploying new products such as compliant price feeds and new market scrapers. Here is a recap of the latest tech developments:

DIA Listing on Coinbase

We are excited to announce that the DIA token has been listed on Coinbase. With the integration, Coinbase Exchange and Coinbase Pro users have easy access to the DIA token in a safe and legally compliant manner.

Learn more

CF Benchmarks makes Crypto Indexes Available via DIA Oracles

We are thrilled to cooperate with the world’s leading crypto index provider CF Benchmarks (Kraken subsidiary) to make crypto index reference prices available via DIA guest oracles.

Learn more

Hello Fuse: DIA’s Oracle Infrastructure Get Integrated with Fuse Network

We are very excited to announce that DIA oracles are integrated into Fuse Network and its All-in-One DeFi hub Voltage Finance.

Learn more

Hello Astar: DIA First Oracle to Integrate with the Polkadot Parachain

DIA is the first oracle provider to integrate its oracle infrastructure with the Astar Network, running in the Polkadot Relaychain. The oracle deployment will facilitate DeFi applications on Astar to easily connect to the outside world data.

Learn more

Product Update: Quickswap DEX Scraper

The Quickswap DEX scraper is now live, enabling dApps to leverage DIA price feed oracles for assets solely operating on Polygon. As many assets are only available and traded on Polygon DEXs, this product update enables DIA to build price feeds for Polygon-native assets.

Learn more

Product Update: DFYN DEX scraper

The DFyn DEX scraper is now live, enabling dApps to leverage DIA price feed oracles for assets solely operating on Polygon.

Learn more

Product Update: Raydium DEX scraper

The RaydiumProtocol DEX scraper is now live, enabling dApps to leverage DIA price feed oracles for assets solely operating on Solana.

Learn more

Product Update: UbeSwap DEX scraper

The Ubeswap scraper is now live, enabling the DIA platform to source market data from the UbeSwap DEX, operating on the Celo Network.

Learn more

🤝 Partnerships & Integrations

Since the beginning of 2022, DIA has expanded its oracle service to support a range DEXs and lending and borrowing protocols. Here is an overview of the latest additions to the DIA ecosystem:

  • Starlay Finance: Starlay is a non-custodial lending protocol for Astar Network. Depositors can provide liquidity to earn interest as a stable passive income, while borrowers can leverage their assets without selling them out. Astar Network aims to be the biggest hub for the multi-chain era by bridging with Ethereum, Cosmos, and others. With Starlay Finance, the Astar ecosystem aism to be a marketplace for storing all kinds of tokens on any kinds of chains.
  • AuroraSwap: AuroraSwap is a decentralized exchange DEX on Aurora, as well as cross-chain algorithmic stablecoin. AuroraSwap’s design is based on the Uniswap constant-product automated market maker (AMM). Through AuroraSwap’s AMM, liquidity providers can simply deposit a pair of tokens and its algorithm will automatically create markets for the token pair. This enables traders to easily swap between tokens in the AMM and get guaranteed rates for the swaps. Each swap on AuroraSwap incurs a fee, which gets distributed to liquidity providers as their payment for work.
  • DOT Finance: Dot Finance is designed to bring DeFi to a wide range of users and will help increase user exposure to the many benefits of the Polkadot ecosystem. This will help grow the adoption of not just the Polkadot framework but the many new DeFi products and services that Dot.Finance is building on top of Polkadot’s safe, secure, and resilient architecture. The DOT Finance team is formed by ex-Bancor developers who built the DEX from scratch and left after Bancor went full DAO.
  • Ola Finance: Ola Finance is a lending platform that lets anyone create a Compound-like instance of almost any token, referred to as Lending Networks. With Ola, a Lending Network can be created with a few clicks of a button by tuning a few parameters. These parameters include the tokens that can be lent and borrowed, the collateral factor for each token, the fee rate, and a few more. Once a Lending Network is created, anyone can instantly interact with it via the Ola app, which acts as a gateway to all Lending Networks.

🎙 Events

A Compliant Bridge to the Web3 Future with DIA & CF Benchmarks

DIA Co-founder Michael Weber joined CF Benchmark in an interview to discuss key aspects of the latest ‘open-source’ meets ‘regulation-compliant’ collaboration.Ken Odeluga, Head of Research and Content at CF Benchmarks asks DIA Co-Founder Michael Weber about the key aspects of the integration and future plans to port more of Benchmark’s Regulation-compliant reference rates into DIA’s open-source data and oracle open ecosystem.

Read interview

DIA holds AMA with Fuse network & Ola finance

We are excited to discuss the importance of oracles for the growth of the fuse ecosystem with Robert Miller, Paul Claudius and Danny Loevy


Celebrating Chinese New Year with Fantom ecosystem

DIA Co-Founder Paul Claudius took part in the biggest Fantom meetup to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Here is a little excerpt of the event on how DIA is building resilient feeds for the Fantom ecosystem.


📰 Press

DIA and CF Benchmarks Make Compliant Digital Asset Indices Available as Oracles to the Web3 Economy- NASDAQ

CV VC Top 50 Report 2021: The blockchain industry in Crypto Valley analyzed and visualized-CVVC

DIA is the First Oracle to Integrate with Astar Network- NewsBTC

DIA to attend World’s 1st Blockchain Oracle Summit to Take Place This June- Beincrypto

About DIA

DIA is a cross-chain, end-to-end, open-source data and oracle platform for Web3. The DIA platform enables the crowd-sourcing, validation and sharing of transparent and verified data feeds for asset prices, metaverse data and more. DIA data is simultaneously sourced at a trade level from multiple on-chain and off-chain sources and made available to developers on all relevant layer 1 and layer 2 networks.

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