Hello Optimism: DIA Oracles are Live on Optimism

We are thrilled to announce that DIA’s open-source oracle infrastructure is integrated with Optimism, the low-cost and lightning-fast Ethereum L2 blockchain.

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3 min readOct 27, 2022


Introducing Optimism

Optimism is a fast, stable, and scalable L2 blockchain built by Ethereum developers, for Ethereum developers. Built as a minimal extension to existing Ethereum software, Optimism’s EVM-equivalent architecture scales Ethereum apps without surprises. If it works on Ethereum, it works on Optimism at a fraction of the cost.

Optimism is an “Optimistic Rollup,” a layer 2 scaling protocol tailored for extending the throughput associated with the base layer, Ethereum. The Optimism Optimistic Rollup takes advantage of the PoS consensus mechanism of Ethereum, its parent chain, instead of providing its own.

Bringing DIA’s Broad Data Library

We are delighted to announce that DIA has integrated its open-source oracle infrastructure with the Optimism network. DIA’s end-to-end oracle services are now available for builders on Optimism, fostering the safe development of DeFi and NFTfi decentralised applications on the Ethereum Optimistic Rollup.

This integration will enable DIA to easily deploy customizable price oracles for 2k+ digital assets, 18k+ NFT collections and 20k+ traditional financial assets.

How Does DIA Work?

To provide such a comprehensive range of price feeds, DIA’s community of developers scrape data directly from a wide variety of on-chain sources (DEXs, NFT marketplaces, etc.) and off-chain sources (CEXs) at individual trade levels. Currently, DIA is fetching data from 65+ data sources.

This granular approach allows DIA to leverage the broadest possible set of sources, ensuring maximum coverage of asset price data and feed reliability. As a result, any asset that is publicly accessible can be sourced, regardless of whether it is listed on exchanges and what its trading volume is.

DIA’s open-source oracle infrastructure differentiates itself from other Web3 data solutions as it doesn’t rely on third-party data providers. With this system, DIA is able to meet any specific data and asset requirements a project may have while also providing users complete transparency on how the data feeds are made.

Michael Weber, DIA Co-Founder mentions:

“We are beyond excited to connect our open-source and customisable data and oracle infrastructure the Optimism. Decentralised application builders have now access to transparent and customisable price oracles for top assets, but also long-tail assets and NFT collections. This integration will enable efficient and reliable getaway to expand DeFi and NFTfi use cases beyond the top digital assets.”

Optimism DIA Demo Oracle

Test the DIA demo oracle on the Optimism by interacting with the following demo oracle:

Learn more on the Optimism DIA Oracle GitHub repository.

Note: DIA Demo Oracle contracts are not intended to be integrated into dApps. DIA deploys dedicated contracts for dApps, please request a dedicated oracle. Learn more about DIA demo oracles in the DIA Documentation.

Need a trusted oracle on Optimism?

Request your custom price feed oracle in Optimism by getting in touch with DIA’s integration team via Discord or by submitting a Custom Delivery Request on the Forum.

About DIA

DIA is a multi-chain, end-to-end, open-source data and oracle platform for Web3. The DIA platform enables the sourcing, validation and sharing of transparent and verified data feeds for traditional and digital financial applications. DIA’s institutional-grade data feeds cover digital asset prices, NFT floor prices, lending rates, FX rates and more.

DIA’s data is directly sourced from a broad array of on-chain and off-chain sources at individual trade-level. This allows DIA feeds to be fully customized with regards to the mix of sources and methodologies, resulting in tailor-made, high-resilience feeds and thereby setting a new paradigm for oracles.

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DIA Core Team
DIA Insights

DIA is a multi-chain, end-to-end, open-source data and oracle platform for Web3. https://go.diadata.org/