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Introducing DIAs new Index Series ‘DIAx’

We are thrilled to announce the ‘DIAx’ index family. Launched in cooperation with Morningstar Indexes, DIAx indexes provide transparent and regulatory compliant performance measures for individual digital assets and baskets of assets.

Reference Prices and Indexes

The DIAx family initially comprises benchmark reference prices and indexes measuring the price of individual digital assets, including Bitcoin (DIAxBTC), DIA (DIAxDIA) and the DIA Metaverse Index (DIAxMVI) measuring the performance of a basket of tokens representing companies building Metaverse technology. Over time, the family will expand to include baskets of other digital assets and other measures such as digital asset volatility.

The family will expand to include baskets of other assets and measures such as digital asset volatility.

Open-Source, Decentralised and Transparent Price Feeds

To provide the data used to calculate the indexes, DIA price data is sourced at individual trade-level from a range of centralised and decentralised exchanges and across all asset classes. Centralised exchanges such as Coinbase or Nasdaq provide transactional data directly from internal servers via dedicated APIs after going through centralised verification and security processes. In contrast, decentralised exchanges like Uniswap enable trading through peer-to-peer transactions, which are computed, stored and verified publicly on a blockchain.

Bridges to the Digital Asset Market

The digital assets market, currently estimated at USD 2.9 trillion, continues to grow. The rapid expansion of this new asset class in recent years is drawing increased attention and interest from both regulators and traditional investment players creating investment products to access a non-crypto native target group. Trusted and regulated digital asset benchmarks will act as one of the critical building blocks in creating these bridges, as they enable regulated access to digital assets.

About DIA

DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) is a cross-chain and open-source data ecosystem where actors can source, supply and use trustable data and oracles for DeFi applications. DIA data sources and methodologies are transparent and publicly accessible to everyone.



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