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Partnership with PiSwap DeFi

DIA is excited to announce a partnership with PiSwap DeFi to power the aggregation of DeFi products in a simple management interface.

PiSwap DeFi is a new generation full-stack DeFi aggregation platform which offers a wide range of services/applications, involving yield farming, governance (DAO), Dapps developing and NFT/Gaming. The name “PiSwap” was inspired by the π number, which is also called an “infinite decimal” by mathematicians. The name matches the team’s vision and ambition of exploring the infinity potential of DeFi space. PiSwap is a new generation DeFi platform, fully integrated with tools to help users to access DeFi easily, quickly and securely.

As a non-custodial aggregation platform, PiSwap allows users to delegate their assets to large institutions/venture capitals to leverage and make profits. Additionally, PiSwap aims to expand its user base through the partnerships with projects on various platforms to integrate DeFi applications, helping players to earn more passive income.

Zeus, Founder of PiSwap DeFi says: “We are really excited to have DIA onboard with their accurate and high-quality Oracles. No other Oracles with open-source can deliver what DIA does with almost zero cost, which in my opinion is a revolutionary solution for every DeFi startups. The transparency and the speed of data feeds from DIA has been proven a top-notch in the industry and will serve as the backbone for Piswap’s platform in many upcoming products. It is a pleasure to work alongside such an experienced and hardworking team to fulfil our goals in developing a full-stack DeFi platform. We are looking forward to a long-term cooperation and commitment from both teams.”

Michael Weber, Association President at DIA says: “Aggregation platforms are one of the next logical progressions in the DeFi ecosystem. A matured presence of on ramps and management tools for DeFi will give users an improved UX to participate in the DeFi market. DIA is happy to fuel platforms like PiSwap with data.”

About DIA

DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) is an open-source, financial information platform that utilises crypto economic incentives to source and validate data. Market actors can supply, share and use financial and digital asset data.



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